Batman Arkham Knight Trophy & DLC List Revealed

Here is the trophy list for Batman Arkham Knight on PS4.
76 trophies in total with the dlc.

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itsjustexuma1010d ago

I'm glad that the Harley Quinn and Red Hood DLCs will be getting trophies

deadpoolio3161009d ago

Its not shocking ALL the Arkham DLC gets trophies unless its challenge room maps

TheDetective1009d ago

knowing that the batgirl stuff is finished to the point there are trophies really pisses me off. that means they cut stuff from the game and are selling it back to us this is crap

bmwfanatic1009d ago

Yhen don't buy it very simple. But dont worry millions of other people will and enjoy it.

Palitera1009d ago

Batman series always ripped content from the game. But gamers love it, so you can't criticize it.

WizzroSupreme1009d ago (Edited 1009d ago )

This is gonna be the funnest game to platinum – those Riddler challenges are probably gonna be insane in the Batmobile.

colonel1791009d ago

Good: There are no combat trophies
Bad: DLC
Worse: Exclusive DLC
Even Worse: DLC Price

The_Devil_Hunter1009d ago

What about "Brutality 101" or "Cycle of Violence", they seem to be combat trophies.