DICE's Star Wars Battlefront Feels Like a Half-assed Battlefield Mod

Ever since the announcement that EA's DICE studio would be developing Star Wars Battlefront, fans of the series have feared it will be "Star Wars Battlefield".

The battle of Hoth seemed unlike any other iteration of the scene from any previous Star Wars game. The battlefield was more of a straight corridor rather than the wide open space. AT-ATs lumber in a straight line towards their goal through an area with snowy trenches, cliffs, and turrets while the rebels forces try to stop them. AT-ATs can be taken down by disabling their shields and shooting them on foot, or more quickly by using tow cables on Snowspeeders in flight; easier said than done.

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venom061251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

So this guys says he died a lot, like he does in Battlefield, so it feels like a Battlefield MOD.... Really, bro?

So because you don't slay on a game that you've NEVER played before, have no idea what to do, and died alot like on a previous game made by the same dev, so it must be a mod of that same game?? GTFO with that nonsense. So glad many other big game sites, that have written articles describing hands on play, have come out and said this is NOTHING like Battlefield and it's enjoyable. So funny that Destructoid has decided they want to be the site that goes against common opinion lately. I understand this guy has an opinion, but atleast base your opinion what you see in front of you. Not on the fact you don't know the intricacies of the game and getting killed alot like the game before it..

Izzy4081251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

That's exactly what came to mind after reading the article. Sounds like the author wasn't happy with the fact that you need to have skill to be good at DICE games. Fortunately for people like him, there's COD.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I never understand this. Yes, it takes superior strategy, and resourcefulness for BF games but CoD takes reaction speed (unless you camp, in which case I agree it takes 0 skill). I had a .089 kd in CoD the year before I bought a battlefield game, after which it shot up to 4.5 on BF4. I don't get it, they're different beasts, one isn't "easier", just more simple skills.

However, this author clearly has neither marksmanship nor strategy. Really sounds like a whiny little bit—I mean kid... :D

Alexander1Nevermind1250d ago

Never known battlefield to have snowspeeders using tow cables to disable AT-AT's. Also never known Battlefield to use the Force and LightSabers. Of course gun combat is going to feel like Battlefield. Its made by DICE. That's their combat formula. Personally I've never been more enthused to learn how to pilot after seeing the TIE Fighters and X Wings in action.

_-EDMIX-_1250d ago

lol agreed.

wow bro snowspeeder is so Battlefield! /s

They very much stated it wasn't a BF mod or BF clone and the way the game plays, the lack of classes, firing off the hip etc very much confirms that. That is like saying Mirror's Edge is going to be like BF because DICE made it...

I get many thought it would be like BF, I personally wanted it to based on being so familiar with the BF concept of, heal, give ammo etc, but after seeing more footage, I'm fine with it being its own thing, I have the battlefield series if I want to play that concept, SW BF is something and should be treated as something else.

rezzah1250d ago

He dislikes the game because he isn't good at it.

That is the cause of this opinion piece.

ssj271250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

The guy as no idea.. i did not try the multiplayer competitive mode sadly but did got to play the co op splitscreen few times and for me it felt like the same impact that CODMW had on me the first time I play it.. it felt fresh smooth clean and different but with TPV options which it was added in codmw2 and only made me think about how cool will be to have a soccom with the smooth controls and visuals ssdly we will not. I think this is how COD would have evolved if they didn't keep using the same old technology.

Dice did a great job!

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Majin-vegeta1251d ago

Op is a bad player confirmed.

mochachino1251d ago

I haven't been a big fan of Battlefield gameplay since BFBC2. It hasn't really felt like being on a battlefield since then.

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