Confirmed: No Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming

PS Lifestyle: "We have been an update to the information on the Final Fantasy Info. If there will be a "new" PS3 version of Final Fantasy 7, it "WILL NOT" be a remake. There is likely to be a spin-off or a sequel to this popular game and exclusive to the PS3. I extremely apologise about getting some of your hopes up about the FF7 remake"

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Surfman3794d ago

You guys should just wait before posting news like that. The last day, big news: Remake coming. The day after: big news, No Remake. Wtf

How can we believe this news is true?

cloudman3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )


If this is true i might QUIT gamign for real!!!!!!!!!!

How many times do i have to be lied to!!!!!!!!

iamtehpwn3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

- Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation 3), The Title on hand now.

- Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 2 (Nintendo DS), this became 358/2 days, and it is indeed a direct sequel to Chain of memories

- Kingdom Hearts 0 (PSP), Birth by sleep, and it is indeed KH0 according to timeline.

It's Very possible. When asked if Crisis Core ended the FFVII compilation, Kitase said, "No, it'll end in a bigger way"

pwnsause3793d ago

im assuming then that this is going to be after FF7:DOC, and FF7: advent children right?

StalkingSilence3793d ago

it's explained in the article. 1 author wrote the info and the head of the site (Sev1512) had conflicting information. slip in judgement to post is my understanding.

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Silogon3794d ago

Was there any doubt? People need to stop living in their dreams and start breathing some of that reality they wake up in. FF7 is a memory and if they would go back to do FF7 thye'd then get request to do all of the other ones again. It's stupid to think Square would waste millions and millions and millions on the ps3 development for FF7 when they couldn't recoup it without it going multi platform.

People need to understand Square and Sony are not living in 1995 to 2000 no more. There is no more 3rd party exclusives and ultimately Square really isn't that good of a developer anyways. Their in game graphics are always underwhelming and anyone who says differently is lying to themselves.

On a final note, as I said, Square will have no major announcement on Aug 3rd for Sony and or their pending event next month. People wishful think cause they got butt hurt by them at e3.

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Lucreto3794d ago

Oh well it will be interesting to see what will be announced.

Timesplitter143793d ago

someone disagreed with that? lol

Playstation Man3793d ago

They'll be killing his bubbles for such a comment!

sumfood4u3793d ago

I say bring update limits, keep great story with kick ass materia an i'm Happy gammer!

RemmM3793d ago

Because if you look at the new LEAKED Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer, you will actually see 2 Final Fantasy VII characters in it.

mfwahwah3793d ago

I was not expecting FFVII remake. I've learned over the past 3 years that this is just a rumor... every time.

A possibility for a sequel is pretty interesting though. What I would really love is a FFVII remake from Sephiroth's perspective. Now THAT'S wishful thinking. :D

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Playstation Man3794d ago

But they seem to be leaning towards the idea that it's a spin-off. A part of the big picture Square has been designing with Crisis Core and DoC (bad game).

But what I don't like is this line: "If there will be a "new" PS3 version of Final Fantasy 7,,," IF, IF YOU CONFIRMED IT, NOT "IF". Jesus stupid unreliable sources man!