Tom Clancy’s The Division – New Video Compares 2013, 2014 & 2015 Builds

YouTube’s member ‘frost Danger’ has released a video, comparing the 2013, 2014 and 2015 builds of Tom Clancy’s The Division.

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daBUSHwhaka1278d ago

It was pretty obvious from day one that those level of graphics were never gonna happen and the E3 2015 footage shows just that.Still looks nice mind you but I'm sure everyone knew this was going to be the case.

d_g1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

every time i look at E3 2013 graphics

i just don't believe how they fool the gamers...ugh ubizoft

mikeslemonade1278d ago

I wasn't impressed with the E3 2013 graphics either.

It was overhyped from the start.

Still atleast looks like a good game.

tuglu_pati1278d ago

Downgrade is real and big.

starchild1278d ago

Oh jeez, these videos are always so stupid. How in the world are you going to accurately judge if asset quality or lighting quality has changed if you aren't comparing the same assets (i.e. same locations with same objects) or the same lighting conditions?

The first demo had strong direct lighting and obviously that creates a lot of specular highlights and shadows. The more recent demo, on the other hand, takes place in more subdued lighting due to the overcast skies. This is accurate to the way light actually behaves in those different conditions.

If there has been an actual downgrade you sure can't determine that by a video like this.

meche3341278d ago

when it was on stage i didnt think it was downgraded and still dont

DevilOgreFish1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

@ daBUSHwhaka

"It was pretty obvious from day one that those level of graphics were never gonna happen"


Those level of graphics were done on hardware which is 3 years old now (GTX680). Obviously the detail isn't the same because it isn't using the same hardware of the 2013 trailer, that's the only problem.

HumanatPlay1278d ago

I think its still worth a buy, just not at full price. Graphics downgrade = Wallet downgrade. Will scout around for the lowest possible deal for it and enjoy myself. We all know people wont resist the urge to buy it so at least try to hit them where it hurts. Bargain bins, second hand, G2A etc.

abstractel1277d ago

Those graphics are possible. Uncharted 4 shows it, so does Horizon (unless those games get downgraded). Ryse is pretty darn near the same quality visuals wise. Only thing I never expected to make it was the level of anti-aliasing in the first video. But the current version they are showing is worse looking than other current gen games. It's disappointing.

However, having said that, showing the game in a dark area with very muted lighting doesn't do the game any favors. The lighting and reflections is what made the first demo so special (as well as the destructibility of course). Makes sense gameplay wise, but for showing off the game it makes it look horrible.

Some textures have also definitely been downgraded but I do think parts of the game will look way better than what they showed this year in the "dark zone".

abstractel1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

They even made it overcast to make things worse. I think the game will look like 2014, but not 2013. The dark zone with no sunlight will look like shit because of art direction/design. If you cut all electricty and make it overcast there's no interesting lighting.

Worst area/weather they could have chosen for an E3 demo when they already under fire from downgrading their games from their initial showings.

Meanwhile, Star Wars looks freaking amazing at 60fps.

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JasonKCK1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

This generation of gamers is the generation of complainers. Some gamers want everything shiny while the gameplay and game content suffer for it. In many cases the difference is small or they use PC footage to make it look better.

Muerte24941278d ago

This x 20

This scares me so much about Ghost Recon and For Honor.

Qrphe1278d ago

Unfortunately, I really liked what I saw of For Honor and will probably be really disappointed once they show the actual final build.

-Foxtrot1278d ago

People have got to speak up more about this kind of thing. It's silly to lead people on like that

Graphics aren't everything.

Fallout 4 isn't the best looking game out there but I don't give shit because it's a fantastic series and after the E3 info they've now shared it sounds amazing

daBUSHwhaka1278d ago

Your spot on.Graphics aren't everything.I do like my games to look nice but will always take gameplay over graphics.I'm a sucker for these gameplay demos that are clearly pc footage.Your spot on again and gamers on console should speak out more about getting lead astray by devs.This needs to stop.

JackStraw1278d ago

You act like Ubisoft showed those graphics with the intent on deceiving players lol. You people are so entitled, it's sad. It's called being ambitious and optimistic about your product. Obviously they wanted to achieve those graphics, they just couldn't! It's not them trying to trick you or pull a fast one in front of your eyes, it's how development works. Not just in games, but in everything. Every form of modern technology has faced these types of problems, and I'm sure in every community there are those same people who complain and think they're being bamboozled, when really, these developers work hard, long hours, just to please a lot of people who mostly whine, complain, and insult them, largely because they enjoy what they do that much.

-Foxtrot1278d ago

"You act like Ubisoft showed those graphics with the intent on deceiving players lol"

That's exactly what they did do though.

They did the same with Watch Dogs and bullshitted their way out the AC Unity fiasco

Entitled? Whaaaaa

So wanting developers to be truth to us, the consumers, is now being entitled

Jesus bloody Christ no wonder developers think they can screw us over.

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Italiano12345671278d ago

2013 and 14 looked ridiculous... 2015 trailer while still looks good is a huge downgrade and obvious from the start

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