Nintendo’s sales chief: 2016 may not be a ‘transition year’ — and what this means for 2015

Nintendo sales chief is bullish on a full slate of Wii U and 3DS games for 2015.

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Locknuts1246d ago

I didn't even click the article. These guys can't even open their mouths without their Japanese overlords (Nintendo chairpersons) giving permission. They're just puppets.

Dunban671246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

A Reggie esque corporate shill in the making- We have prob heard the last of Iwata and the top Japanese execs shilling for the wii U going forward-

They will let Nintendo NA execs make themselves look bad now- They will prob take a little better care of their home market folk re the Wii U too if current/past trends remain

I ll take an educated guess that they are not too happy w Splaton sales in the West so far- Splatoon has done well in Japan and even moved a few consoles but considering the marketing budget they had for it in NA I don t think they could be too happy w sales as they seem to be lower than in Japan and I doubt Splatoon moved too many consoles in NA either- we will see soon enough but he would have given out some numbers if they were really happy

He did not make any effort to dissuade anyone that the NX would be here in 2016- I tookhis "may not be a transition year" comment to be very general in nature and not in any way aimed at the NX subject

He did talk about how great the Wii U s 3rd party support has been and will be- one of the many shill comments imo.

Nodoze1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

How great the Wii U 3rd party support has been. I will take 2 of whatever this cat is smoking as it is some powerful sheet!!!

I get that he has to spin things, but man that is just flat out delusional.

Canary1246d ago

Nintendo really wants to push Amiibo.

And I can see why. They're probably much more profitable than actually developing games.

KaladinStormblessed1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

"All of that content" should keep us busy until new hardware arrives? What content? The 4 or 5 WiiU games that were all announced last year? An AC skin of Mario Party? A Mario sports game that no one wanted or was really excited for? There are a few games, like Xenoblade, StarFox, and MarioMaker, but that's not going to last us till the end of 2016 or 2017. Devils third and Fatal Frame apparently don't exist according to Nintendo, which isn't helping the stereotype that Nintendo is a kiddy company.

I was all for Nintendo and the WiiU right up until this E3. Very few new games coming out, and can I even trust you guys with the NX anymore? It better be way more powerful than PS and XB, and better not have some "innovative" hardware that's actually just a gimmick. I love the WiiU game pad, so wouldn't mind if they kept that. Innovate with the software Nintendo not the hardware.

morganfell1246d ago

All I can say is with the Wii U I have purchased my last Nintendo console.

ABizzel11246d ago

I'm almost in the same boat, but buy it near the end of the generation instead. Their first party is worth it, but save a ton of money buying the hardware at its cheapest as well as all the games.

Gamer7771246d ago

The last Nintendo platform I had before purchasing a Wii U in fall of 2014 was a Gameboy advance. I bought the Wii u cause I thought Nintendo was really turning things around in 2014. They had great games and their sales increased and the future of the console looked brighter. What I saw at E3 just a few days ago made it seem like Nintendo was preparing to phase out the Wii U by 2017.

Genova841246d ago

The wii was my last Nintendo purchase. The motion control was a gimmick that didn't get 3rd party support and felt forced in many games like super mario galaxy. Why do I have to shake to attack?

Also their whole mobile strategy never made sense to me either. I hate handheld gaming. That was why Super Gameboy was so amazing!

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