Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Thankfully Include Cloud in a Dress

No worries; according to Tetsuya Nomura the Final Fantasy VII remake will retain one of its more lighthearted elements despite looking dark and gritty now.

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Shadow Flare1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

This makes me so happy for 2 reasons. It shows they don't plan on changing the original story too much. But mainly that they are keeping the more light hearted moments in the game.

This is one big reason why older games are fondly remembered for their charm, while new games are discarded because they are often far too serious.

Let's not forget some of the zanier moments in FF7:

-Cloud dressing as a woman
-Fighting a house
-Kicking Red XIII in the face with a football repeatedly
-Escaping Aeris house without making the floors creak
-Fighting an giant icicle
- Honey Bee Inn
-Tifa's catfight with Scarlett

The humour gave the game so much charm. I'm actually pleasantly pleased and trusting that they'll handle the remake well

I still feel like I'm dreaming

Zotaku871252d ago

You also can't forget these classic moments:

-Palmer getting unexpectedly hit by a truck
-The Gold Saucer stage show during Cloud's date
-The fact that the date can potentially happen with Barret
-Riding Mr. Dolphin

And of course:
-"Let's mosey!"

Qrphe1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

I'm mostly excited for the amount of content they'll end up adding to the game. By the time they're done creating all these assets from scratch, they'll have no choice but to add more content. I honestly do not care if I have to pay tens of dollars on DLC by the end.

Ashlen1252d ago


"I honestly do not care if I have to pay tens of dollars on DLC by the end."

Lets not get crazy here...

It's a remake of a game from a beautiful age when there was no DLC. How about they just make the game add stuff if they want and sell it at one price.

It really breaks my heart (honestly) to hear people asking for DLC.

raWfodog1252d ago

This news pleases me also. I too was concerned that they might try to make the game more serious along the lines of Advent Children and cut out more of the sillier stuff. Good to know that they still understand the charm of FFVII. I still think they'll revamp the battle system though. We'll see soon enough...

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1252d ago

Final Fantasy VII despite it's humor is quite a dark game. The new trailer makes me think it will be a bit grittier which is fine by me. I am glad that the silly parts will still be in it. THis is going to a visual spectacle too. Can't wait to seem some footage in the near future.

DiscoKid1252d ago

Good! Was concerned they would eliminate the derpy parts.

Kurisu1252d ago

Lol the picture of Cloud when you click the link! xD

Fingers crossed they don't back track on this!

Lionsguard1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Would have been funny if it was just a picture of Lightning.

Actually, if you blur your eyes and cock your head sideways a little, it does kind of look like Lightning.

TheColbertinator1252d ago

Good. Was going to skip the game if they had removed that

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