Nintendo at E3 2015: Underwhelmed Fans and Broken Trust

Nintendo had every opportunity in the world to wow us again this E3.

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ritsuka6661277d ago

I can really say for sure that I won't be buying their next console day one. I'll be very careful next time about supporting Nintendo again. FACT.

mikeslemonade1277d ago

Since 2005 Nintendo has dissapointed me at every E3. There was one year that people claimed they had the best conference, but nope not in my eyes.

I decided to be lenient with NIntendo this year and with expectations low I didn't really see them do that bad.

subtenko1277d ago

Underwhelmed as in, could have been better.... Lets look at things here tho... in the console market whos doing the best and whos the last one trailing behind with less attention? Whos advertised the most and the least?

Im just pointing it out....its that way for a reason...its not my fault...

LonDonE1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Exactly my feelings! i am sick and tired of trying to justify the stupid decisions nintendo continues to make and the mistakes they refuse to learn from.

I will only buy Nintendo hard ware at the end of each generation used to minimise what money they get from me and with the hand full of good games i want to play on the system.

Iwata and nintendo are why nintendo is just so out of touch and refuses to give us the core nintendo fans for over 30 years, exactly what we want!
its like they are trolling us i swear.

RPGrinder1277d ago

Yeah because Nintendo did not bring back kid icarus? oh wait they did. They did not bring back golden sun? oh wait they did. Did they not bring back starfox? oh wait they did!

Keep trolling

wonderfulmonkeyman1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

So you're saying they didn't give fans anything we've asked for?


And what about that new Paper Mario/M&L Cross-over title, Paper Jam?

And have we NOT been asking for an official create-your-own Mario type game, like Super Mario Maker, FOR YEARS?


They've had miss-steps, but it's a flat out LIE to say they've been ignoring our voices completely.

Their crappy conference this year does NOT change that.

RPGrinder1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Over reaction. They had the best E3. The Digital Event, the smash direct, the treehouse streaming. They put together a complete E3 of games with actual dates.

What did Sony "Win" with? A remake, a kickstarter, and a game that should have been out 10 years ago? Really? That is what was so impressive?

Lets get our priorities straight.

wonderfulmonkeyman1277d ago

Let's be real; Federation Force gave Nintendo's conference the biggest amount of disappointment, but all three have had far better E3's.
Nintendo's was equally low-key compared to others.

At least Nintendo is actually giving people Star Fox, a game that a lot of people have conveniently forgotten that they cried to Nintendo for before now.
Hell, Nintendo even went the extra step of getting Platinum on the title, which is ALSO something people wanted to see.

But now that it's out, suddenly the haters are ignoring or condemning THE EARLY BUILD for its graphics, and for actully giving an interesting use to the game pad that they've been whining about Nintendo not utilizing enough.

Nintendo just can't win.

RPGrinder1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Lets also be real. Splatoon faced the same reaction last year, now it is a critically acclaimed game that has sold a ton.

Lets be real again. Nintendo shows 3DS games, fans go crazy. Fans do not get enough Vita games, they go crazy.

This is why game companies ignore gamers most of the time.

Bimkoblerutso1277d ago

Ok, let's be really real.

The two big IP's that Nintendo showed off (Star Fox and Metroid) looked both graphically and mechanically boring.

Metroid looks nothing like Metroid and apparently is so named to sell a few cheap copies by association. It looks slow and ugly and hopelessly simple and there was absolutely no point during the presentation when it seemed like the presenters were having any genuine fun.

And just for the record, aside from it's butt-ugliness, some gyro controls are far from what I would call an "interesting" use of the gamepad for Star Fox. I don't know anyone that doesn't turn that crap off in games like OoT and Majora's Mask for the 3DS. So yes, a lot of people are now worried about Star Fox.

wonderfulmonkeyman1277d ago

Pfft! Splatoon faced the same reaction?
Dude, Splatoon was a brand new IP, not a spin-off of an established franchise.
The reactions for Splatoon and Federation Force, are LIGHT YEARS apart.XD

Splatoon was a new fresh shooter that people were asking for for ages, but were cautious to adopt because of how new and different it was.

Federation Force, is the spin-off that no one wanted, which took the spot of a Wii U developed Metroid, which pissed fans off royally.

Splatoon = cautiously accepted then loved.
Federation = openly scorned for not being the sequel we've been demanding.

HUGE difference.XD

eferreira1277d ago

also splatoon wasn't coming out in a couple of months like star fox is.

AJBACK2FRAG1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

What's the release date in North America? Why didn't Nintendo show it at e3?????

etownone1277d ago


Nintendo needs to get back to its roots... A console thats as powerful or more powerful then it's competition.

If they released another console within a year or twl with specs much better then ps4.... I'd buy it day one.
Nintendo exclusives and all 3rd party games is what the real gamers want.