E3 – Nintendo: Zelda is not coming to Wii U‏

Well, that was something wasn’t it. We all just watched Nintendo essentially take the year off. More importantly, we all witnessed the big N unceremoniously throw the Wii U under the bus.

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kenpachi1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Zedla haha

nevermind they fixed it

Liam23821124d ago

Ha ha - I thought I got away with that!

iamnsuperman1124d ago

They have confirmed it still is:

Honestly, with the announcement of talk about the NX next year are people really surprised by Nintendo's E3 showing? Since announcing the NX they are clearly preparing for that as they need to. They need to have a big launch with the NX. What E3 did show us is that the NX will be the replacement for the Wii U. If it wasn't they would have had a stronger showing.

Erik73571124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I feel like Nintendo are very sensitive to issues that Wii-U had and have learned from them the hard way...

Many people would say lack of a system seller around its launch , lack luster hardware, and disappointing online infrastructure were the problems of Wii-U

So that being said...I feel like they are developing a lot of titles and moving projects like Zelda over to NX just because they don't want to repeat the same mistakes they made before. I'm thinking they want a system seller at launch for the NX and what better game than Zelda? They also have it running supposedly on android which is a sign they have developers in mind and want lots of content on their platform. Nintendo Network was also announced and it will probably co launch with NX.

joab7771123d ago

Again, they have the chance to slip ahead of the competition. And this time, it will be for any years. Will they do it? Or is this gonna be a WiiU/DS hybrid of sorts.

Whatever it is, next yr is HUGE for consoles, and coming of a HUGE fall 2015, Nintendo do better have some software to come with this new hardware, especially 3rd party games, b/c right now, I can't imagine what they could do to make ppl shell out $400 after we experience the games releasing in the next 18 months.

Relientk771124d ago

If Nintendo is smart they will put Zelda on their next-gen system as a launch title like they did with the Wii. They can still have it on the Wii U as well like they did with Twlight Princess on Gamecube

NatureOfLogic_1124d ago

Really doesn't make much sense to release Zelda on the WiiU at this point. I really want the next Zelda as soon as possible, but if it helps Nintendo next console, I'd rather wait for it and let Nintendo make it a launch title.

Erik73571124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Other than just out of respect for their fanbase there really is no reason to launch it on Wii-u now...

KaladinStormblessed1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

That's probably the smarter decision, but then us 10million WiiU owners are gonna feel cheated, and many of us won't buy the NX due to Nintendo giving us the middle finger. I still probably would buy it simply because I can't miss a Zelda game, but I bought a WiiU specifically for Zelda, so even if they do a joint release on both NX and WiiU I would be a annoyed, cause the one game I wanted is on the next generation console and I could've saved $300 by waiting.

I think people are overreacting a little, WiiU will still get some games for the next year or two, NX will probably launch in 2017.

Moonman1122d ago

Zelda is coming on Wii U in 2016 and NX won't launch till 2017. What Nintendo may have is a resolution upgraded version at launch for NX or a remake of Twilight Princess (looking even better than the initial Zelda demo they showed for Wii U back in 2011)....

-Foxtrot1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Bloody knew it.

The Wii U will probably get a downgraded version thought in the future.

Concertoine1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

This article doesn't actually confirm anything. It's all just conjecture with a headline that makes it seem legit.

It's still hard to say either way, imo. To go an entire generation without a dedicated zelda title for Wii U wouldn't go well with anyone. Gamecube had Windwaker as well as TP.

Moonman1122d ago

It has been confirmed for Wii U, Nintendo would NEVER do that to its fans. It's coming in 2016. If NX doesn't come in 2016 well your salty asses better learn how to U owners will play it first. lol

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