Project Morpheus Light Gun Periphery ‘Sharpshooter’ Being Shown At E3

VRFocus reports on Project Morpheus' light gun periphery, current in R&D, being shown to media behind closed doors at E3.

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AgentSmithPS41248d ago

Good, I've been wanting a better gun system since duck hunt and those light gun shooters at the movie theater arcade. It improves the experience just like a good wheel with a racing game. I just hope they bring the games and advertise it better, and that it comes out before my monitor dies...

traumadisaster1248d ago

You are still going to need a monitor, in fact you will be purchasing VR, a light gun, camera, and a new monitor when it dies.

AgentSmithPS41248d ago

Oh Archie! I assume they'll let you use the menus etc and launch games with the VR since I hear there's a "VR version of the playroom." If not I can always launch them from my older backup monitor. All that other stuff will be in a bundle so it's no big deal, you have to pay if you want to play.

gangsta_red1248d ago

I can see a lot of peripheral being made for this device. Hopefully it won't get out of control like the Wii.

Pillsbury11248d ago

I'm still waiting for a good gun peripheral with realistic vibration feedback recoil.

AgentSmithPS41248d ago

I'm sure all that cool stuff will come eventually, given enough time and money.

sprinterboy1248d ago

Looking fwd to PM, slightly disappointed we didn't see that must have VR experience during the conference itself, but E3 in general is popping up with more info on PM games etc,