Halo 5’s HoloLens experience is amazing — but it’s not in the game

The Halo 5 HoloLens experience at E3 is incredible, but it's not exactly something that would work in your living room.

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stuna1945d ago

From what I see of Hololens you can change the viewing perspective in the game, maybe even highlight certain objectives in the game, but you can't use it to truly play the game!! EX (Walking, Running, Jumping or, Shooting).

LifeInNZ945d ago

Depends on the game dont you think? It certainly provides the greatest freedom of movement than any other offering at present.

Personally I think VR and AR could be huge for the industry with AR having many more practical uses. Its all going to come down on how rich the experience is.

If Sony had put front facing cameras on the Morpheus then it could have done augmented reality as well...

donthate945d ago

VR is suffering from severe motion sickness with some experiencing it immediately and some it may take a few minutes to hours and it seems to affect a large portion of the population.

AR like HoloLens isn't as susceptible to motion sickness due to you being able to see your environment.

Question is, is how practical are the uses?

Like anything, it sounds great for certain applications, but we have spent many decades refining the current PC experience.....

NeoGamer232945d ago

lol. Of course it isn't in the game. HoloLens is not out yet... Nor will it be this year.

mhunterjr945d ago

The tech sounds promising... Hopefully they can improve the FOV

WizzroSupreme945d ago

Halo 5 is gonna be the Hololens game to make or break VR and I have a feeling it's gonna be the former.

SpaceRanger945d ago

No explanation yet you assume that?

First it's not VR. So it cannot "make or break" it.
Second, this was literally people staring at a table and then they asked them to take off Hololens to go play on a controller and TV. No gameplay on Hololens.

And third, you do realize that this is a full computer on your head right? In no way is this going to be a mass market item. Not until the second or third generation of the product when components are reduced, prices fall and more support is present.

Right now MS can't even get app developers to make apps to support its computers or phones (which is why all android work on MS phones now). So until hardware is good, and affordable, I don't see this making big waves other than by the demos it shows.

freshslicepizza945d ago

it will be minecraft not halo.

lunatic0001945d ago

I got to try it today and it was was just a tutorial for when you play warzone but it was amazing...worth the long wait

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