What's Shenmue?

You’ve seen the YouTube reaction videos, the outpouring of emotion regarding it’s reveal and even watched the Kickstarter video. But if you’re old enough to have a full time job you still might not quite know what all the fuss is about.

It's been 14 years since Shenmue II originally released for the Dreamcast and it's time to get you up to speed.

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LamerTamer1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Shenmue II actually released for Xbox.

The first Shenmue was on Dreamcast. I just hope this will be as good as the first one (never played II on xbox). May be a tall order since times have changed.

Articuno761247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

If you haven't played the second one let me say this: You don't understand why people are excited for Shenmue III. You think you do. But you don't. I won't ruin the game for you though, but needless to say it is a big step up over the first game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1247d ago

All I know is that it's a franchise a lot of people like and have been begging for another installment of for years and years. And now PS4 will finally get it.

MWH1247d ago

you are absolutely right.

Jp12181247d ago

I completely agree with you! Shenmue 2's ending was a huge but painful tease!

Also! The game was released on Dreamcast in Europe, and on Xbox in the U.S. (I own both copies)

There is a torrent online made by a damn God! He/She extracted the English audio from the Xbox version and imported it to the Dreamcast EU version! (The EU version only had English subs)

And in case people didn't know, the Dreamcast can play burned CD-R games.
Thank god mine is still kickin'

Sly_Stallownage1247d ago

Actually.....Shenmue 2 was also on the Dreamcast in Europe and Asia, with Japanese audio and English subs for the EU version(I had it way back when). Because Microsoft licensed Shenmue 2, the US Dreamcast version was never released and instead was brought out the original Xbox (Which I bought again in the vain hope that the series would continue on the Xbox). In my opinion it was a great game, I had goose bumps and a single man tear welled in my eye when Yu Suzuki came on stage and the theme started to play :^)

Jp12181247d ago

There is a torrent online made by a damn God! He/She extracted the English audio from the Xbox version and imported it to the Dreamcast EU version! (The EU version only had English subs)

(I wrote this already above, just spreading the word haha)

DawginTow11247d ago

If u have an Xbox copy of Shenmue 2, it can b played on the 360 w/ BC (not sure about newer 360 models, did they do away w/ BC?).

Cuz its emulation, there r glitches, like sound/music fizzing out in places, & a few times npc's walking around w/out heads (funny & creepy @once O.o). But in my experience, nuthin absolutely game-breaking (btw didn't finish it, only got to Kowloon; I really should get around to that :P)

DigitalRaptor1247d ago

It's hard to explain to a modern mind that hasn't experienced Shenmue back in 1999, what was so special about it, and have them feel the same way. It's almost impossible.

Back when I first played Shenmue on the Dreamcast, I considered it a masterpiece 10/10 experience because it was incredibly ambitious, was innovating and doing things differently to what I had seen before, and it changed my perception of what video games could be as storytelling devices and gameplay sandboxes. It also introduced me to Japanese culture in a way I'd never quite experienced from other mediums. Where a lots of Japanese games I had played in the past were more fantastical and stylised, Shenmue was more realistic and grounded in the past (it is set in 1986).

Re-playing the game nowadays, it's still a classic, but more of a 8-9 out of 10 kind of experience for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons, being that Shenmue II exists.

If Shenmue was an 8/10, then Shenmue II would be a 10/10 ultra masterpiece, and looking back on that sequel after all these years, its qualities are not brought down in the same way as the first game. Shenmue II is such a huge step up from its predecessor, that it's almost not quite believable that it existed in 2001. And the ending chapters of the game have forged within, some of my strongest gaming memories.

Thank f--- for Sony for being a patron, for the indescribably passionate fanbase for driving onwards for so many years, and for Yu Suzuki for giving us such memorable artistic output all those years ago that has brought us to this moment.

Collectively, we did it - Shenmue III - 2017!

Jp12181247d ago

Well put! Extremely well put!

urwifeminder1247d ago

Played the original on Dream cast 2nd on Xbox will get the new for PC should be nice.

ChrisW1247d ago

Oooo! Maybe this will be the catalyst for other devs (AHEM! Valve!!!) to announce that they are also working on their much desired 3rd installments.