Let's Play... DOOM 3

So, ever since DOOM 4 (or just DOOM, apparently) was announced, We’ve been getting the itch to go back and battle the minions of hell head on with my trusty shotgun.

So, in the spirit of all things DOOM, Kyle did just that – and dove back into id Software’s DOOM 3.

Kyle found that the game holds up well for a title released way back in 2004 [Editor’s note: Has it really been that long? Dear lord, I’m old – I remember upgrading to a Geforce 4 just to run it].

Despite being over a decade old, the spookier nature of DOOM 3 – compared to its forebears – remains effective, and Kyle even got startled by some of the early jump-scares all over again (that damn bathroom, we swear to God…). The shooting mechanics feel a bit dated, but they still function; and there’s nothing more satisfying in this world than shooting a corpse until it melts away into a red skeleton. Check out his gun happy time!

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