Ranking The Big 3's E3 Presentations

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"With this year's E3 presentations in the books, I can honestly say that this is definitely one of the best in recent memory. The presentations were a blast to watch and the games we saw are sure to give us all hours and hours of enjoyment. The yearly question is which of the big three came out on top with the best presentation. Let's jump in and give it a go."

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PixelGateUk1224d ago

Sony, MS, Konami....konami x4

mikeslemonade1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Sony A
Bethesda A-
The other third party publisher confernce all get B+
Microsoft gets a B-
Nintendo C+
PC Gaming (Didn't watch it, I watched Game 6 of the Finals instead)

Concertoine1224d ago

Last time you said Nintendo did better than MS. You gave in to the disagrees?

RocketScienceLvlStuf1223d ago

And there it goes. First site to put Sony number 1. Get used to it haters.

More and more sites will be ranking sony 1.

AngelicIceDiamond1224d ago

If there's on thing I noticed about this E3 is we didn't see a ton of new Ip's that we would expect to see in the current generations 3rd anual E3 convention.

Yes we finally did see some more new Ip's but we always expect to a slew of new stuff. When realistically we can only expect 1 or 2 new Ip's

We need too temper our expectations and put away our 5 plus new Ip's from our fave companies.

With that said:

Sony/MS are tie

Nintendo Were not impressive. SO those two are last.

1223d ago
cfc781224d ago


Bethesda's conference for me was amazing from start to finish and probably showed game of the year 2015 in Fallout 4 so a special congratulations to them on a flawless showing and congrats to everyone else on whats been the best E3 iv'e seen in years.

NinjaRichParty1224d ago

Oh Bethesdas was badass. This was just a ranking of the big three though. I loved almost every second of Bethesdas show. I literally went out and preordered the pip boy ediRuin when it went live.

cfc781224d ago


That Pipboy edition is sweet as fk gotta get one of those when I order F4.

mayberry1224d ago

Horizon looks BOSS! Why no mention?

NinjaRichParty1224d ago

Did I not say anything about it in the video? I know I talked about it in the article itself. I cannot wait wait for it! It looks like it's gonna be soooo badass

mayberry1223d ago

Good video. I really thought it was well done. I watched the whole vid, no mention of Horizon. I hear alot of talk about this gen has no new ip's and all remakes, Horizon says hi...

LifeInNZ1224d ago

Sony - 8.5/10. Yes there was game after game but a complete lack of coverage for Morpheus and a poor showing for Vita marks them down in my opinion. I was really hoping to see some stunning VR gaming on stage at this E3.

MS - 8/10. Started off incredibly strong with Halo 5 and backward compatibility, followed later by an incredible Hololens display. Unfortunately the Gears 4 reveal, I'm saddened to say, was completely uninspired. The trailer for the original GeOW on the 360 still comes across better than what was shown for Gears 4.

As for Nintendo.....6/10. They made me feel like we were still dealing with last gen. Nothing they showed inspired me to jump into their echo system.

EA - 7/10....enough with the sports titles already!

NinjaRichParty1224d ago

The lack of Morpeus talked troubled me as well. Wanted them to really push it this E3. Maybe it's not as far along as we thought it is?

I agree on the Gears thing as well. Really felt uninspired by it. The voice acting was not good. The banter between the two characters just felt so uninspired.

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