Killzone 2 (multiplyer screens)

Multiplayer Screens

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TheHater3794d ago

OMG, look at that sniper

Cinos1233794d ago

He looks like Boba Fett. Everything from the screens look amazing, cant wait.

Playstation Man3794d ago

of a camping sniper myself in FPS games, but that Helghast Sniper might just have me practicing.

TheHater3794d ago

actually I don't camp. I run around with the Sniper as if its an assault rifle half of the time. I hate camping, it annoy me

Whoooop3794d ago

Yeah.... That's what most campers say...


Playstation Man3794d ago

Actually, I find that Snipers who are always on the move actually pull off the opposite of common thinking and are FAR more successful, especially in CoD4. Good to hear you're not a camper ;)

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avacadosnorkel3794d ago

I'm now officially a hermit.
I will live only in the world of Killzone 2.

yaboi3794d ago

first day buy for sure
game is gonna own 09

BulletToothtony3794d ago

apparently there's many ways to get to the same point... if what i see it's actually true it will make the gameplay quite awesome...

yaboi3794d ago

i hope is like that too and not in cod4 where everyone knows exactly where to throw grenades at the start of a match , like somewhere u have to run people will just hammer grenades there i hope that its diferent

THC CELL3794d ago

even the game layout makes any x box game look crap

arakouftaian3794d ago

I'm glad is come in in a few mounts by that time I will have my 73" mitsubishi tv to paly whit it kilzone thankb u sony

avacadosnorkel3794d ago

The 70" Sony is THE television for ultimate PS3 action. I know the Mitz is cheaper and you get 3" more, but if you're going to do it right. Sony makes all their products to go together, and when they do it rocks so hard. Even people with 360s come over and swear bluray is the reason it looks SO awesome, but it's a combination of the me. You'll thank me later.

DJ3794d ago

And weapons look badass. It's good to see a lot of the classic (and more interesting) guns making a return from part 1.

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The story is too old to be commented.