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ArmoryTech Incorporated Announces
Universal Console Game Controller Rack.

ArmoryTech Incorporated, a console game accessory manufacturer, is prepared to ship The Armory ™ to major retailers. The Armory ™ is the first universal Console Game Controller rack of its kind. It’s innovative design allows for the storage of standard controllers for Microsoft’s XBOX and XBOX 360 (USB and wireless), Sony’s Playstation 3 SIXAXIS, Playstation 2 Dual Shock, Playstation 1 and even the Nintendo’s GameCube controllers.

The current storage habits of many households often include
wrapping cords around the controllers, or leaving the controllers haphazardly on the floor. Cord wrapping, however, can compromise a controller’s performance by causing a break in their connections. Leaving controllers on the floor may cause tripping hazards, aside from general disarray. The Armory’s well-designed rack eliminates both of these common problems by serving as a safe storage location for expensive controllers. Each Armory can store up to four controllers and includes the hardware to easily mount The Armory ™ to a wall. The rack is a convenient 15 inches in length making it small enough to also be mounted inside an entertainment center.

The Armory ™ works so well because of it’s simple functionality. By racking the 4th controller on the top hooks, then the 3rd controller on the next hook down and so fourth the cords are conveniently and neatly held in place by the controllers below. Controllers can even remain connected to their console system while stored on The Armory.

“I am a gamer and I wanted a rack to store my own controllers for each system. The Armory works with most game controllers because I designed it based on the ergonomics of controllers. The one thing controllers have in common is that they are all designed to be held by the human hand” said Randall Cole, owner of ArmoryTech Incorporated. “We wanted to give gamers a good simple solution for a problem no one else solved. We believe that this product is just as good for parents as it is for gamers.”

ArmoryTech Incorporated ( was founded in 2005 by Randall Cole, inventor of The Armory™. The company specializes in gamer products and is based in Chester Springs, PA.

ArmoryTech Incorporated
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EvilBagheadMan4361d ago

Just got my Armory shipped to me from an e-bay auction and I have to say that it is an awesome little invention. My gaming space used to be so cluttered and my wife was really hassling me about getting it cleaned up. The rack has a cool design and looks great on my wall with my 360 controllers "loaded" into it. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve the look of their gaming area!

JPomper4361d ago

Wow, this actually seems like a great idea. I'll have to pick one up once I get my new entertainment center set up.

Not bad at all.

joemutt4361d ago

I had 4 Logitech Wireless controllers for the OG xbox, they were on the wall by the console, it was pretty cool.

I will make 4 more to put the 360 controlers on my wall too, they hold the controller facing towards you, not like these that hold them upside down. The controllers should be displayed as art!

DEIx15x84361d ago

K'NEX, as simple as that! I have a huge shelf with all of my 50+ games in individual compartments and 6 places for my OXM magazines with the 6th part divided in four to hold the demo discs. I've got a hook type basket on each side that my controllers then sit in. If you build it correctly K'NEX can hold and do anything!

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