EVE Valkyrie Launching "Day&Date" With Oculus Rift & Project Morpheus

CCP's EVE Valkyrie will be a launch title for both Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus VR devices.

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ccgr1248d ago

That looks fun with VR!

Imp0ssibl31247d ago

The genre fits VR perfectly.

Festano1248d ago

I am interested in this technology and the game looks promising, I hope they have solved the problems of sickness.

AgentSmithPS41247d ago

Ginger has been proven to prevent sickness and it's cheap. Rarely some game will make me feel very bad but by the next day it's gone for good with no 'meds' needed. It reminds me of that old saying "get your sea legs", sometimes it takes time to adapt to something new like being on a boat or VR.

kaiserfranz1248d ago

Could never get into Eve Online but I might play this.

AgentSmithPS41247d ago

If they're smart they'll require demos for all VR games, I'm going to try them all.

SteamPowered1247d ago

Eve Online was incredible with the Rift. Christ, the hangar alone in VR was awe inspiring. It was about the size of a football stadium. And it felt like it too.

Alexious1247d ago

Didn't know Eve Online had VR support

SteamPowered1247d ago

Oh crap, Im mildly retarded, I meant Elite:Dangerous with VR support.

You know its bad when you cant even keep track of your games anymore.....

DarkBlood1247d ago

oh man im imagining playing mirror edge with this and somehow for a brief minute thinking this is real and going like "oh shit im going to fallllllllll" lol or something like the matrix that would be an intense experience.

WizzroSupreme1247d ago

VR just got that much better.