Uncharted 4 Lead Designer Confirms 30 FPS For Single Player, 60 FPS For MP

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was originally revealed as a 60 fps release. However, the game seems to have dropped the 60 fps target for its single layer campaign and instead will target 60 fps for the multiplayer.

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Abash1247d ago

Makes sense, the Uncharted 4 gameplay demo showed that the game is very open so that would be incredibly hard to run at 60fps with the latest consoles

Neonridr1247d ago

just looking at how much was going on during that demo was incredible. The amount of people in the various markets, not to mention all crazy stuff going on while you were driving in that massive level.

I need the Remastered Trilogy to get here ASAP so I can get fully caught up.

uptownsoul1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Since this single player will be more open then the typical, linear Action/Adventure I can understand this decision. Not only that, but typically in single player, after fighting off bad guys, you can stop & look around ("smell the roses" so to speak). Whereas in multiplayer, you can't really just stop and look around AND milliseconds count a lot more.

mikeslemonade1247d ago

meh dissapointing, that confirms MP won't look as good. I already think the game should look better based on what they were saying.

I'm starting to get tired of people here that have a clear bias. Uncharted 2 is my #2 ranked game for the last generation. However this series is getting stale just like Gears and Halo. I'm just calling it like it is.

fr0sty1247d ago

MP takes place in small arenas compared to the wide open areas of the SP campaign, so no... it doesn't mean MP will look worse.

Neonridr1247d ago

@mikeslemonade - shhhhh... saying that Sony is milking franchises? Blasphemy. I thought that was only the talk for Nintendo even though they take years between releasing each main title in a series.

ABizzel11246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Not arguing, but how is Uncharted being milked? There has only made 4 Uncharted games in 10 years. 5 if you count Golden Abyss (which should have been in the collection IMO). The only milking was the card game which used the brand to sell.

Milking is 2D Mario being on 6 consoles and 5 handhelds with multiple iterations on each device. Then putting a new skin on it, a new mechanic, and calling it Donkey Kong, Kirby, Yoshi, etc... Thankfully Mario Maker should end most of that, and Nintendo can get to making the games we really wat, 3D Metroid, Open World Zelda, Open World Mario (M64 / Galaxy), Earthbound, F-Zero, Pokemon MMO, and New IP like Splatoon.

Franchises sell, but Sony knows when to give them a break, and at the same time always offer tons of diversity for those who don't get into those franchises or get fatigued by them.

XisThatKid1246d ago

They said before uncharted 3 could have been 60fps but they were going for cinematic approach but yea that's like saying that Killzone Mp didn't look as good because it was 60fps lol

crxss1246d ago

I love this. Playing TLOU HD in 60 fps kinda took away that film feeling I got from its PS3 counterpart which I liked more. But 60 fps for MP is definitely necessary

Neonridr1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

@ABizzel1 - The PS3 saw 3 Uncharteds. The Wii saw two 3D Mario Galaxy games and 1 2D "New Super Mario Bros" game. So if Uncharted wasn't milked, then neither was Mario.

Nintendo waits several years between true sequels to their franchises. We're lucky if we see 2 Mario games on the same console and Zelda usually only shows up once per console..

Septic1246d ago

As expected. It would frankly be a ludicrous achievement to make UC4 run @ 60fps looking the way it does.

LonDonE1246d ago

Ye the physics alone was crazy! so much destruction and objects flying everywhere.
The attention to minute details is one of the things i love about naughty dog games.

I am dying to see what epic set pieces they will have, seriously its crazy!
what most games have as pre rendered cutscenes, naughty dog make in real time and crucially its fully playable!

The train level in uncharted 2, the callapsing building, the plane level in uncharted 3, the cruise ship stage, the horse/car chase and the list goes on and on.
Nearly everyone i know who has begun watching me play naughty dog games has allways said to me not to stop and to carry on playing cos they got hooked lol

Seriously its insane how they turn a bombastic set piece into an actual level and part of the game play unlike other games which just have set pieces as cut scenes!

And i knew as soon as they anounced 60fps for uncharted 4 that they would end up making single player 30fps and multi player 60.
Because at 30 they will be able to massively inrease the graphics/detail etc.

Plus i really want uncharted 4 to BLOW everyone away with how good it looks.
As long as its a rock solid locked 30fps i think most will be happy!

Just seeing the footage from E3 2015 has shown us that like the previous games on PS3, uncharted 4 will again set a graphical benchmark for console games!

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NoctisPendragon1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

MSGV has a really low polygon count , same for the bones count and the numbers of details .

It is why MSGV can run on the ps3 , the fox engine allows them to make a game that looks good and doesn't cost a lot of performance .

Uncharted 4 mathematically looks extremly good so 30 FPS is easly understandable ,(way) more animations and details isn't free .
So much is going on (whether you can see it on your screen or not ) .

_-EDMIX-_1247d ago

Agreed with Noctis.

MGSV is a cross platform game. I love MGS to DEATH, but no. It doesn't some how have some sort of magic going on, it factually just has a lessor engine, thus is able to do that setting. Uncharted 4 is next gen only and clearly has a much more demanding engine.

Here is a hint...on PC, if you across a game that your rig can barely play, you can only get around 34 frames or so...its likely that it has a much more demanding engine then your other games.

fr0sty1247d ago

MGS also doesn't have anywhere near the physics computations going on. U4 easily has some of the best physics I've ever seen.

Forn1246d ago


Uncharted 4 looks stunning to say the least. One thing I noticed when I watched the new gameplay reveal was the sand bags when Drake was being shot at. Great gifs that show just how amazing the game is on a technical level indeed.

mcstorm1246d ago

But this cant be right I thought ALL games on the PS4 were 1080p 60fps wont be getting this game now not a true next gen game not running at 60fps.

Haha Joking a side I Cant wait for this game as this is when ill be picking up a PS4 looks great and loved 1,2 and 3, GA was a fun game on the PSV too. ND are very good at what they do and will take a lot to stop them at the moment bring on 2016 another great year for gaming and the start of us seeing some true next gen games.

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I would not say "Very Open" just because they took all the right linear paths and was smooth about it. It was literally the best graphics I have seen so far for sure!

I am wondering if Horizon was gameplay or made to look like it "In-Engine" instead? And is it Open world? If so, they have set the bar for open world games graphics

extermin8or1246d ago

It was gameplay it says so on trailer I'm sure

GameDev11247d ago

Makes sense more in the matter resources have been split to the right areas

Since the campaign contains more physics, AI, destruction, if it cant run 60fps well, you might as well stable it so people can enjoy and immerse in the campaign without framerate trouble

But multiplayer needs to be fast and competitive, so 60pfs is very important here

Every ND fan would have loved if they met their 60fps target altogether but they made the right decision

TRU3_GAM3R1247d ago

ryse wouldn't have run on ps4 at 1080p and stable 60fps impossible.

ABizzel11246d ago


Who said that. 1080p @ 30fps yes, 60fps no.

jznrpg1246d ago

Maybe not at launch but over time it could most likely with tweaking the OS to open more RAM, better API and coding etc.

SgtSlaughter2121246d ago

Who cares? Ryse looks like an XBOX360 game next to Uncharted 4.

elweon1246d ago

Ye, just look at GTA 5 PC

bradleejones1246d ago

I could care less the fps. I trust they know what is best. They seem to know what they are doing.

Yehshuah1246d ago

if it was halo you wouldn't have said the same thing

aquaticDonut1246d ago

Then you lower the level of detail or the resolution or the antialiasing. It bothers me to all hell that so many devs, including Naughty Dog now, will sacrifice improving gameplay (Because for the oh so many unaware, higher framerate does functionally improve gameplay by reducing input lag) and instead they improve graphics. I couldn't care less if they downgraded to PS1 graphics if they managed 60 FPS, because then the game would be better.

3-4-51246d ago

Funny how this mattered a ton when it was Forza 6...for like 2 hours, and then now that it's Uncharted it's "ok".

I'm totally cool with 30 FPS, I don't need more, but this site is hilarious sometimes.

* Make a huge deal that a racing game is 50 fps, when it turns out to be 60 FPS.

* But when Sony's Golden Child goes 30 FPS..."it's fine".

Just an observation. Not hating. just noticing.

Game did look awesome at E3 though. Did the past Uncharted games have MP or is this a first ?

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-Foxtrot1247d ago

Interesting. Since they are aiming for 60fps for the multiplayer I wonder if they will try and keep it simple to not put much strain on know....hint hint.....Uncharted 2's style.

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Rainbowcookie1247d ago

I just want me some split screen action as well :)

SmokingMonkey1247d ago

It's totally being set up for this!

Drake and Sully

Drake and Brother

Elena and Chloe...mmmm...Elena and Chloe.....araraggghghhgh

I would love co op split screen single player option!

Fez1247d ago

This needs to happen in an Uncharted game! I'm not getting my hopes up though :(

Imagine set pieces like we saw which then branch off with each character continuing their own story and then meeting up together later on. Why do no games do this? Just because it's coop doesn't mean you always have to be together.

-Foxtrot1246d ago

Hopefully not

I like those moments when Drake are by gives you the "man vs the world" feel.

yarbie10001247d ago

Cause Resolution is better than higher FPS in a game where a lot of action is happening?

Master-H1247d ago

Not sure about better, but it works well if past games are any indication.

Kayant1247d ago

Resolution isn't the decider to going to 60fps vs 30fps in most cases especially on console look here or on PC in CPU bound games -

Which is why I think and said it's a good choice/comprise to go with 60fps in MP and 30 in SP when it matters more.

GameDev11247d ago

As in multiplayer where most of the player vs player battle is happening and can easily frustrate if not fast enough? isnt that where 60fps is more important?

So explain to me how they chose resolution over frame rate when they actually prioritised it where it really matter??

MasterCornholio1246d ago

The multiplayer will still be 1080P.


Why is it that you people assume that in order to achieve 60FPS you have to lower the resolution?

Theres a lot more to graphics than resolution.

uth111246d ago

No the insane amount of things happening in that environment beat having 60fps any day!

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