RPGamer: Fable II Impressions

When Fable was previously shown at E3, there were two demos: an action demo and a story demo. There were complaints about getting half an understanding from a single demo, but these complaints must have fallen on deaf ears. Fable II was also split between an action and a story demo.

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SuperSaiyan43798d ago

Have to love the superb selection of top quality games on the Xbox 360, games like this surely stand out to be unique and cannot wait for Fable 2! Comes out in the month of my birthday woot!!

Nevers3798d ago

to this gem. I loved the first one, especially with the addition of Lost Chapters. I'm buying this day one. I love the art design.

nintendojunkie283797d ago

..Count me in as well....I'm absolutely stoked about this game!

wicked3797d ago

I’m also looking forward to this, Fable was excellent. The only thing I didn't like about the first was that once you finished the game you couldn't continue and do all the side quests; hopefully they will have sorted that in Fable 2