Gamer tries to pre-order Fallout 4 with bottle caps

Fallout fan sends Bethesda over 2000 actual bottle caps in the hope of securing a copy of Fallout 4

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Snookies12947d ago

Haha, just give the man a copy of the game...

Testfire947d ago

Lol, that's awesome and I'm sure they will. How could you refuse that as Bethesda?

carlingtat947d ago

Because then EVERYONE else on the internet will do the same to try and get a free copy and suddenly they'll have thousand of bottle caps!

700p947d ago

If I was a Bethesda, id tell him to get a job and stop finding ways to get it free lmao

whateveryoulike947d ago

I bet the shipping cost the same amount as the pre-order!

Perjoss947d ago

Guess you've never played Fallout 3 then, caps don't actually weigh anything, I should know as by the end I had about 8,000 of them.

InTheZoneAC947d ago

guess you never shipped anything out of state...weight is almost irrelevant when boxes get big

lemoncake947d ago

Lol that's awesome, would have loved to see the face of the person that opened this package.

Toiletsteak947d ago

Lol i want to see there response.

DefenderOfDoom2947d ago

Cool , I was between jobs , so i used pennies and nickels to pay for my pre-order of Wolfenstein New Order .

pivotplease947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

That would have been a hefty bag since thats 2000 to 6000 coins. Wouldnt want to be there for the counting process.

Edit: actually I guess new order isn't a full priced game so the scenario isn't overly obscene at all lol.

Skate-AK947d ago

New Order was a fully priced game. Old Blood was the budget title.

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The story is too old to be commented.