Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Director Speaks Out About 'Mechanical Apartheid' Complaints

"Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's 'mechanical apartheid' term was coined by a black game developer and an asian game developer."

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Rainbowcookie1275d ago

Though I'm against all racism and we need to be sensitive. I have to say it has been a part of every culture since the dawn of time. Even today in a free south Africa there is still apartheid from different sides of the fence. Sad really. Since the word got invented connecting to one regime is wrong. My point is where there's racism there is apartheid. I think the narrative of a game can really convey a message to let the player experience a digital look as an awareness campaign .

mhunterjr1275d ago

Pretty much, this shouldn't need an explanation....

In the game people with mechanical augmentations are being forced into segregation from society and into sub-standard living conditions...

The term mechanical apartheid is pretty damn accurate

Nyxus1275d ago

Oh god, people were complaining once again? How pathetic.

thorstein1275d ago

"Oh god, IGNORANT people were complaining once again? How pathetic."

It's like you can't even talk about sensitive material in art anymore without someone misinterpreting what has been said.

warriorcase1274d ago

Agreed. Jesus H christ. People are starting to complain and "stand up" for fictional happenings now??

Guess these people will soon move to fighting for unicorns rights and how they are portraid

WilliamUsher1275d ago

I saw this on Kotaku in Action earlier today since it was heavily talked about on the GamerGate hashtag and how the special snowflakes were attacking the writers who came up with this.

What's worse is that the two writers are black and asian, but the SJWs are denying them their own existence and labeling them as white gamers/devs. Same thing they did to the people using the NotYourShield hashtag.

It's also awesome to see Gameranx tackle an issue that devs were talking with the GG folk about.

Media working as intended?

KwietStorm1274d ago

I didn't even know this happened. Apartheid has a definition though. It's a real thing, and I see that it was used properly. Sooo what was the problem?

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