Wii U's late 2015 lineup is better than its being given credit for

GGG argues that while Nintendo didn't have the best E3 ever, the lineup for the Wii U for the last half of 2015 is much better than most people think.

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Moonman1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

OMG, Wii U owners are used to Wii U has great (high quality) games to play even though naysayers think we don'

Neonridr1276d ago

agreed. While I was disappointed with the direct presentation as a whole, it doesn't mean I won't have Wii U and 3DS games to play this fall.

Erik73571276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

You better have a gaming pc or ps4 or something else other than a wii-u or I would be disappointed.

Granted a Wii-u is great to play Nintendo's classic games like Brawl,mario kart, buttt goddd I would go crazy if I couldnt play Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid 5,deus ex, etc.

There is a pretty damn stellar third party line up this year.

wonderfulmonkeyman1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

PS3 and Wii U alongside a gaming lap top, here, Fries.
And despite having access to the games you listed, I don't find myself compelled enough by their graphics to "go crazy" without picking those games up, though Kingdom Hearts 3 will definitely be something I get if it comes to PC.
My shooter fix will be handled quite well by Splatoon and Devil's Third.

mikeslemonade1276d ago

The nintendo apologist are so scripted with what they say. I haven't even opened my copy of Mario Party 10 and Splatoon.

WiiU is gonna draw my attention for maybe a few weeks out of this year. And that's what I expect from Nintendo now.

Neonridr1275d ago

@mikeslemonade - well Mario Party 10 isn't going to keep you interested, unless you can get some people over to enjoy it with you. I don't know why you haven't opened Splatoon yet.

You don't strike me as a Wii U owner since you usually have nothing but bad things to say about them.

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Kevlar0091276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

The lack of any major 2016 game aside from Zelda makes it appear as if Nintendo doesn't have anything to show for next year. New WiiU games that were shown are party/sport/amiibo games, which aren't exactly games to gush over. Star Fox 0 looks rushed, given its 1 year development time and last-gen graphics, and it doesn't even have online, with MP only as a possibility. After the past 12 months Nintendo has had we expected a lot more. Smash and Bayonetta 2 were two of the best games of 2015, their DLC was a blessing and they appeared to be in a creative groove.

Their big secret pick-up last year was Devil's Third, and it didn't even get a 1 minute reveal during the presentation. Their 3rd party showing was 2 Amiibos usable in Skylanders, Not exactly reassuring. And we got confirmation Metroid isn't even on the table, the 3DS game with "Metroid Prime" turned into an insult. I would have loved more Mario Kart and Splatoon DLC.

Nintendo needed to realize people are looking at every sign pointing towards how the WiiU-NX will shape up. Everyone is assuming the WiiU is dead and NX will be a new console available next year. I can't blame them, this E3 compared to last has been an about-face.

I don't know what their plan was, or what's going on within the company, but this E3 makes 2016 look like a dead year. What's sad is Nintendo is again the joke of the industry. They don't even appear to have the level of polish people come to expect. Nintendo played it too safe and the future is clouded. I honestly can't predict where Nintendo is going, it's difficult to understand what will happen next.

lemoncake1276d ago

I like the wii u and its first party lineup but they just made such a big mistake by making the machine so underpowered. If it had the same power as ps4 and xbox one it could easily have been a contender for best console this gen. We got some good stuff coming for rest of year but after this e3 it feels like their next console is now very close.

akaFullMetal1276d ago

It's kind of funny how people said that the ps4 and Xbox one wasn't going to be much more powerful than the wii u. I wish Nintendo made strong hardware again.

Summons751276d ago

Star Fox, Xenoblade, Fatal Frame, Yohsi, Mario Maker. That's all I need to be happy with my WiiU this year. Too bad Zelda got delayed until Spring but it's coming.