The revamped Xbox One controller fixes the bumpers

Microsoft hasn’t stopped iterating on the Xbox One since releasing the console, and that has spilled over to its primary input device.

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FallenAngel19841279d ago

I wish Sony would release a DS4 with longer battery life. That's the only flaw in its near perfect design

ThePope1279d ago

Tell that to the people who have thumb sticks that don't have rubber on them anymore.

wakeNbake1279d ago

Just buy some Gel tabs at gamestop for like 5$, They add some more height and far more grip than the standard ones.

mikeslemonade1279d ago

1. Those gel tabs don't make it better.

2. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the bumper buttons on the X1. You can argue that the placement is too high because that would prevent you from relaxing your fingers on the bumpers, but the buttons weren't designed to be the primary shoulder button.

Current X1 controller is a 9.7/10 for me. While DS4 is about a 8.4 out of 10.

One-Shot1279d ago

That was fixed awhile ago.

kraenk121279d ago

They already fixed that btw. Also there are several third party ways to fix it. You could even use X1 sticks on it.

boing11279d ago


Thanks for the review grades, brah! Your opinion is really, really important to us.

Thefreeman0121279d ago

I use Xbox one thumb sticks on my ds4

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strickers1279d ago

Get a charge station. They virtually never die on me (plus I have 4 pads, 2 charge stations).
I thought the bumpers weren't shit, and Xbox pad was best in business. I hated the bumpers, and specifically moving from bumper to triggwr or vice versa. I was told I was wrong. Hmmm.

Scatpants1279d ago

I agree the bumpers are the worst part of the controller, but they are easily ignored, it isn't really a huge problem to me I just like the 360 bumpers better. I used to be all about the xbox controller, but this generation I feel the PS4 controller is just a little more comfortable.

ChronikCanuck1279d ago

Fixes the bumpers, lmao. How about they fix the damn analogue drift issue!

Software_Lover1279d ago


I just hope (wishful thinking) that the new pedals can be added controls instead of mirroring other buttons. Saving your configs in the cloud is a great touch.

1nsomniac1279d ago

Wrong controller. The article is about the revamped standard controllers.

Software_Lover1279d ago

I'm so f'n dumb right now!!!

IVanSpinal1279d ago

Finaly, thats great news for Gears of War 4 with the new tournament layout controller

maybelovehate1279d ago

Was anyone else's ship date pushed back? Originally it said I would get it today but now it shows it ships on the 25th

Software_Lover1279d ago

I thought it came out in October?

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