Sony Proves That PS4's Got a Stranglehold on Consoles at E3 2015

Push Square: "Sony has the console market in a stranglehold with the PlayStation 4, and E3 2015 reinforced that point. There was a worry after the device's almost immaculate launch that it would rest on its laurels, but it appears that the enormous success of the system has only motivated it more – it's choking the competition out. During its big media briefing earlier in the week, the organisation didn't just check the most important corporate boxes, it put a tick in them all; from services to software to virtual reality, the manufacturer is miles ahead of the pack – it's difficult to disagree."

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MrDead1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

It was a spectacular celebration of games.
I have never seen a conference like it we saw so much stuff and the crazy thing is we know there is much more that wasn’t shown.... we even had them announcing exclusives before and after the show was over with titles like Ratchet & Clank and Nier.

Abash1247d ago

Sony's E3 conference showed that amazing things are happening for both western and eastern studios thanks to the PS4. They were not kidding when they said "Greatness Awaits"

MrDead1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Strong eastern showing, the reactions that Last Guardian, FFVII and of course Shenmue 3 got where fantastic.

This is one of the best reactions for Shenmue.

mikeslemonade1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I will say it again because people don't seem to learn. In 2013 at E3 Sony annouced that the PS4 would be $399. That was the stranglehold.

This is called overkill. Sony has third party exclusives coming for PS4. The PS3 could not get those until later in the generation.

morganfell1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Brutal and beautiful all at the same time. The sheer variety i astounding. And I cannot wait for Morpheus. I am installin the Nyko Data Bank on one of my PS4s right now. Hats off to Sony for the most memorable E3 show.

Stranglehold is right.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

The PS4 is a pure gaming system. It's peripherals, features, controllers, and the large and ever increasing library of games and gaming choices have given and will continue to give the PS4 the overall edge over it's competitors. If there was ever any doubt in Sony's commitment to the gaming community, Sony's E3 showing put many of those doubts to rest by showing gamers that Sony is listening and paying attention to what GAMERS want: MORE GAMES and MORE WAYS TO PLAY those games!!!

Viva la Sony! Playstation Revolucion!

jv19911246d ago

@morganfell. Is the nyko data bank good for ps4? I need extra space but all i hear about nyko is that its a bad company. I dont want to destroy my ps4

morganfell1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )


I don't know yet. I just started the system restore. I am only doing it on 1 PS4. I have 3 in my house. 1 in the main room, 1 in my recording room, and a white on in my bedroom. When Nyko came out with the battery packs I outfitted 4 controllers. They were crap. I won't do that again. So I backed everything up and am trying this on 1 PS4 to see how it works. Fingers crossed. I can only hope Nyko tested the hell out of this thing. If not, they will hear from the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Protection Agency.

Nirvana315911246d ago

Fall 2015 PS4 exclusives and console exclusives

Persona 5
Tales of Zesteria
Disgaea 5
Dragon Quest Heroes

Action / Adventure
Uncharted collection

Exploration / Adventure
No man's sky
Everybody's gone to the rapture

Platforming games
Tearaway Unfolded

Until Dawn

Action / Strategy
Dungeon defenders 2

SolidStoner1246d ago

GRAN TURISMO 7 is still out there, waiting to be discovered! ;)

greatness awaits.. still... more.. many more.. :D

GameNameFame1246d ago

At above. Don't forget deep down!

You know Sony beat MS down when ms fan boys go around " bu bu bu but wait for next conference...they didn't show everything"

Yes. And sony had tons of stuff they didn't show.

bradleejones1246d ago

@jv1991 the data bank is OK. If you are going above 2tb it is the way to go.You can go to 1 or 2 tb cheaper and stock with a 2.5 data though. I recommend stock personally. The data bank only works well with a 2,3, or 4 tb, and has issues with rest mode on ps4. Only get it if you NEED 3 or 4tb.

morganfell1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

You might want to buy an internal 2TB drive instead of buying the Nyko. I have already removed it and placed my 1.5TB drive back in the system, Going today to get a 2TB drive. The Nyko went on the PS4 okay but you cannot use Suspend/Resume play properly. If you do not mind shutting your system down completely every time then you will like the Nyko. But if you like to use Suspend/Resume (I game a lot and often) then this just isn't the product for you.

The reason for this is that you cannot use a HDD larger than 2TB at this time for Suspend/Resume. It isn't Nyko but rather the current PS4 firmware. If Sony updates this in the future then it might be worth it. I'll keep my Nyko boxed until then.

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kraenk121246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I was amazed they didn't even show stuff like GOW remake, the Quantic dream game, Ratchet & Clank or GT7. Or Morpheus which only got 2 minutes or so.

WelkinCole1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Yeah and to think that their biggest franchise GT was not even in the picture let alone SM's new game.

Then there is Cambridge and SP etc that are also working on games as well as other 2nd parties like QD.

Lets face it. After Gears + Halo + Froza MS will basically blow all their load again. It takes time to build a following for a new IP like with Scalebound or even Horizon for Sony. It is why FF7 remake overshadow everything.

Sony is way ahead not just because of the established IP's they have but also the talent they have (devs) on top of amazing 2nd part and 3rd party relationship they have been making. Especially 3rd party this gen.

Heck even Platnium are making Neir for them. Suda is also making a game for them. All the indies love them.

Sony is indeed way ahead of the game. They have been on point from for the get go this gen. They have been super strategic. They have changed the game. No longer do you need to cram all your best games near the end. They understand that gamers if given the chance would rather have games through out the year that are also polished with more dev time instead of cramming everything in the final 1/4 including the big 3rd parties games.

Think about it. This second half of the year we get

1. Batman
2. MGS
3. Battle front
4. Fallout
5. AC
6. COD

The first 3 alone will be contenders for GOTY and perhaps even the generation. Sony will have very strong connection with all of them.

Instead of releasing one of their biggest game (UC4) in this time period. Move it to next year that will keep the games rolling in for gamers and at the same time allow ND to make it even better than they can. These are not token games just to filled the normally dry period in the 2nd 1/4 of the year. It is freaking U4!!.

Sony is just brilliant.

Jughead34161246d ago

As much as Sony showed off at E3, they are still holding back a lot of stuff for Paris Games Week. Still waiting for Sony Santa Monica, Bloodborne DLC, Morpheus game reveals, Quantic Dreams. I'm not that worried about the lack of exclusives for the holiday season. They're coming!

miyamoto1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

The Spirit of PlayStation Lives on since 1994

Like I said last Feb 20 2013:

The PlaySaviour 4 is Revolutionizing Video Gaming as we Speak.

Progress, Productivity, Positivity, Prosperity

PlaySaviour 4

CalibriSerif1246d ago

lol, ps fan diehard here, but is that even needed?

UltraNova1246d ago

This guy's comment is like putting caramel on top of white sugar before you eat it, its just TOO much and completely un-necessary!! Hahahah

iTechHeads1246d ago

it's a great time to be a PS4 owner.
2016 will be even better though, it has Uncharted 4.

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FallenAngel19841247d ago

Microsoft proved they aren't content with X1 just staying in second place. Nintendo proved they're satisfied with Wii U's current situation

Genuine-User1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Spot on. However, Xbox has to stay content in second place because PS4's lead will most definitely continue in every single region.
To those that disagree, I would like you to share your thought process.

Azzanation1246d ago

Its not about outselling each other, its about selling consoles. Both PS4 and XB1 are selling well and both E3s will only continue to grow these platforms. MS don't care if there 2nd as long as there making money, just like if Sony were 2nd. Its a business that requires profits to stay in. Its not the super bowl, there's no prize for finishing 1st on sales. Never was because if that was the case then Steam would kill the competition.

JoeReno1246d ago

And you proved to be off topic

Letthewookiewin1246d ago

This Sony conference proves why sales matter.

Scatpants1246d ago

That Xbox elite controller looks sick and such a cool thing to offer. I hope Sony follows suit and offers a premium controller option. I like high quality metal things over plastic things. It's a shame its 150 bucks though.

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AngelicIceDiamond1247d ago

Push Square has been on a role with these articles lately.

"blockbuster first-party beacons laid out by Microsoft during its own briefing. However, it denies one key point: Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Star Wars: Battlefront, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and Metal Gear Solid V are all "Sony" games."

No those are multiplats with exclusive DLC's and beta's. I know hes not being literal (at least I hope not)

I didn't think third party acquisitions would be hyped so much I thought it was all about the AAA exclusives.

uth111247d ago

of course he's not literal, that's why Sony was in quotes

AngelicIceDiamond1247d ago

I still find it silly he was bragging about those games as "Sony" games. He was being funny sure but you can still play all those on PC or X1.

Its nothing to brag about.

uth111247d ago

@Angelic- I agree with you,

but apparently these kinds of marketing deals work, people are easily confused, I guess. So it is a big deal

BlackTar1871246d ago

of course they work casual people associate COD with Xbox because of those deals. It's not hard to see what he meant.

GameDev11246d ago


You saw that as bragging?? huh?

The writer was merely trying to point out even though people wont consider multiplats as important for Sonys holiday lineup, they are very important, they help sell consoles, getting the COD market is very important for sales and so are other multiplats. Sony are a buisness, exclusives or multiplats as long as they sell consoles it doesnt matter to them

That is what the writer was trying to point out, he was not bragging

Before you go oh its a Sony site, you should know it is an unofficial PS site with strong affiliations to

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KwietStorm1247d ago

Exactly what uth just said. In your own quote, Sony is in quotes, and you know exactly why.

kneon1247d ago

Clearly these aren't Sony games, but you'd be surprised how many people were fooled by the marketing last gen into thinking games like COD were only on Xbox. I'm betting most of these people aren't any smarter this time around, so these deals can only help Sony.

iTechHeads1246d ago

The best-selling games are multiplatform games. Year after year.
And yes, Call Of Duty and Star Wars ARE "Sony games". They are best on Playstation with all sorts of perks for PS4 owners.

Those who don't even own a PS4 yet will see ads for these huge games and then see a PS4 logo and stuff and be convinced that they need a PS4, even if the games are also on Xbox One.

XB1 has all these games on top of some great exclusives like Halo 5 and Tomb Raider. They have a good line-up but in terms of mass market mind-share, the PS4 will be way more appealing this holiday. All it really needs is a price cut to completely dominate the holidays.

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Fro_xoxo1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

says Push square..
the only highlight from Sony's E3 for me was:
Horizon &
Uncharted 4 gameplay
both 2016 titles.

FF7 remake, and shenmue I don't care for that. I'm sure there are those that are happy 'bout them.

Eidolon1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

You're goddam right there are.

S2Killinit1247d ago

says pretty much everybody. Shenmue alone took the whole thing. Horizon, well, that's the icing on this cake.

LifeInNZ1247d ago

How did Shenmue take the hole thing? it was a plea for funding to get it made?!?

Avernus1246d ago


Either you're trolling or don't know, but the Kickstarter was not a "plea for funding" but rather a test to see interest in the game.

You really think the game costs $2 million to make? >.>

Sony is funding the game, and it'll release as an exclusive.

S2Killinit1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

It took the whole thing because Its Shenmue. Let me put it this way for you, if Shenmue was coming out for ANY console, i would buy the console JUST for Shenmue. Thats Shenmue's appeal level. The fans had lost all hopes of a sequel, (its been 14 years since last time we saw it) and then BAM. So, kickstarter or not, its huge.

WelkinCole1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )


You must be young. The mere confirmation that Shenmue 3 is a megaton itself. The same with FF7 remake. Announce them together and people faces melt

MysticStrummer1246d ago

"How did Shenmue take the hole thing? it was a plea for funding to get it made?!?"

That's how.

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EinRobot1247d ago ShowReplies(2)
KwietStorm1247d ago

Shenmue cleared their $2 mil kickstarter in hours. Yea I think a few of us are happy about it.

TFJWM1246d ago

It also crashed kickstarter...

700p1246d ago

no I think xbox fans are pretty happy.

CaptainObvious8781246d ago

I don't care you don't care about those titles. The question isn't who won E3 for you personally, with your biases is full effect. The question is, who won E3 for the public.

That means taking your fanboy goggles off, taking a step back, looking at the announces objectively and realising the magnitude of each.

I personally never played a shunmue game or FF7, but I still have the ability to comprehend their meaning. It's not that hard.

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