The Verge: HoloLens games are too good for HoloLens

HoloLens is turning into the technological equivalent of a tragic hero — the kind whose extraordinary talent isn’t enough to overcome a terrible personal flaw. At this spring’s Build conference, Microsoft showed off beautifully clever demos that were undercut at every point by the complete inability to see them through the headset’s narrow field of view. This is more obvious than ever at E3, where you’re not looking at business or research tools. You’re supposed to just be having fun.

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TheGreatGamer1250d ago

If they manage to fix this (I imagine they will) I'll be very happy

christocolus1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Everyone's impressed with the tech and the FOV seems to be the only downside atm, I hope they increase it in the final product cos i plan to purchase one at launch if the price is right.

Septic1250d ago

"It’s a shame, because the holograms are uncannily real. The objects nearly always look solid, and they stay in place almost perfectly. The voice recognition is fairly perceptive. The headset’s even comfortable."

This is crazy. These are the things that are the truly hard parts. Increasing FOV shouldn't be an issue at this stage. MS really need to sort this out though because theyve done the difficult stuff, now just make sure we can actually see it!

GenuineGamer1249d ago

I agree its like any tech that's not finished yet things will be ironed out before release i am sure and this seems like an easy fix compared to all the other challenges they've faced with it.

kmanmx1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Actually on the contrary getting HoloLens to be at the point where it has a wide FOV is extremely difficult. It is a narrow FOV for a reason. It's nothing like making a wide FOV for a VR headset, there are many technical limitations and reasons why the FOV is as small as it is, and unfortunately with the current tech and implementation, AFAIK some of those limitations are just down to physics (light will only refract so much through prisms etc). The only way to get a much wider FOV right now with this Holographic tech is to just make the headset physically much bigger, which is obviously a no-can-do.

Also, if they were to increase the FOV from it's current 23.5deg x 17deg, to something like 90deg x 50deg, the resolution would have to be much, much higher to get the same perceived sharpness, solidarity and quality of the current holograms. You then have the issue of vastly increased cost, computatational requirements, heat output and battery capacity necessary.

Vasto1249d ago

Hololens is years from being finished. Its going to be amazing when they get everything right.

mt1249d ago

I hope it is not another Milo.

Chaosdreams1249d ago

When I witnessed the Minecraft Hologram, I thought to myself, "The future is here." Of course, I know demos hide the real issues that are found out later on, like this article points out. Still, progress is being made daily. This is exciting for all gamers. It's not a gimmick, and that's what matters.

strickers1249d ago

But will it having compelling Play elements. All I've seen so far is demos that are barely interactive. That is not something that will be compelling long term. I'm thinking Kinect 3.0 at the moment. Demos are always impressive with new tech, but doesn't mean it will work well for games.

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