E3 2015: SteelSeries Set To Enter The Console Fray

SteelSeries, after taking names in the PC market for years, is all set to take on the console market with a fresh new lineup.

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MercilessDMercer1252d ago

Steel series make some real pretty headphones. Use mine pretty week everyday, so I'm itchin for some for console gaming!

Eterna1Ice1252d ago

Oh, i'm sitting in Siberia Frost V2 right now, feels good.

TeamLeaptrade1252d ago

Nice to hear. I have always wanted to get SteelSeries products as I hear they're really well made and work really well.

Lon3wolf1252d ago

They generally are and do, only issue I have had with Steelseries is the steel series software, which will update to a version not compatible with your hardware, not an issue for console though.

VanguardOfCalamity1252d ago

I've used the "H Wireless" set for the last couple years - next set will definitely be Steel Series as well

level 3601252d ago

These are great for gaming and properly tops in clarity and soundstage - ( HyperX Cloud 2's $99 ) - which are basically the highly rated Takstar Pro80's with a mic.

And buy any of the various ( at least 11 colors to choose from ) Brainwavz HM5 super thick/comfy ear pads - possibly the most comfortable aftermarket replacement ear pads for around $19.