Super Mario Maker may end up the greatest Mario game ever

Dali Dimovski of SideQuesting writes:

"By allowing us to create levels, Nintendo is letting go of the tight reins that it had on Mario design and focusing on Mario experience."

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Moonman949d ago

I feel the exact same way. The three best 2D Mario platformers of all time you get to endlessly make and play levels with new ways to manipulate and integrate elements adding to and from each title. BOSS.

mikeslemonade949d ago

Greatest game ever, nope not even close.

Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros. 3 are arguably the best video games ever made.

Just because you have one of those games in there doesn't make it the best ever. Great game in 2015 but not best ever.

eagle21949d ago

It says, "greatest Mario game ever". And you are taking that way too seriously. Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros 3. will remain classics. No game could ever take away from that fact. Calm down.

gameboy1949d ago

Day1 love it the presentation is top notch all the menu's i love this game cant wait to try beat peoples creations....

wonderfulmonkeyman949d ago

We've all seen the kinds of incredible fan art that Miiverse gets sometimes.
Imagine all that creativity being focused on stage creations...
The mind shudders at the greatness in store.

Neonridr949d ago

I definitely have a Happy Wheels sort of vibe with this game, I mean imagine all the bat $hit crazy ideas people are going to have for levels...

g-nome949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

Not a fan of user created content myself. 99 percent tends do be rubbish.

Neonridr949d ago

.. but that 1 percent... wow

Sly-Lupin949d ago

More like 1% good, 29% rubbish, and 60% penises.

ethan949d ago

What about the other 10% LOL

pivotplease949d ago

Littlebig...what? Lol its unfortunately true. Ugc is kind of a chore to trek through but occasionally the payoff is crazy. I'm wondering if a game centred around just Mario platforming will get redundant but I've seen some crazy stuff done with the game's physics. Pretty excited to try it but probably won't buy it straight out.

MNGamer-N949d ago

Is there a point where platforming levels become too difficult, then not fun though? I'm thinking Cloudberry Kingdom here where it's just ridiculously aggressive death. I prefer balanced stages that are fun and challenging.

The 10th Rider949d ago

They said the stages will have a difficulty rating based on how many people and how easily people completed them. Should make it much easier to sort through.