PS4 Sony has sold 700,000 and 600,000 PS Vita in Spain

Figures from Eltroado

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DarkLordMalik951d ago

I'd say the Vita figures are decent enough compared to PS4, even though it was out like 1 and half years earlier. PS4 is, ofcourse, a beast.

MightyNoX951d ago

9:1 in comparison with Xbone

God-tier more like

Eonjay951d ago

Thats a crazy ratio.

I think Microsoft is getting sucked into a battle in the US. One that they weren't expecting. I also think that the battle for the US is distracting them from doing what they need to elsewhere.

At this point it may be too late though.

MasterCornholio951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

Eso esta muy bien.


Enhorabuena Sony.

TheGreatGamer951d ago

Damn I knew the EU favoured PS but that's a crazy ratio! not very surprising as XB1 caters mostly to US and UK but even I'd say MS need to have a bigger approach to other territories in EU and elsewhere

FallenAngel1984951d ago

Xbox One has poor global appeal outside of NA and UK

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