Super Mario Maker bundle includes 8-Bit Mario amiibo

One of the 8-Bit Mario amiibo will be included in a limited edition Super Mario Maker bundle in the UK.

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Moonman1251d ago

This game is going to be HUGE.

Dubaman1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

This game is probably going to be my biggest of the year, challenged only by Fallout 4. Something i would like to know though about SMM is; can you play the levels going right-to-left or is it only left-to-right? They might have shown that off or it could have been that bonus game they did for NES Remix(?). Either way, i think it would add to the absolute insanity of the game if you could choose whether to mess with peoples gaming instincts like that :P
The hype is alive still for certain titles but it MAY get a little more intense depending on what that 'Nintendo Title 5' Gamespot are showing off tomorrow turns out to be.
Plus, nothing but pure speculation and blind hope on my behalf but looking at the day 3 schedule ( ) there is an hour spent on showing off 3 'unnanounced games', starting with Nintendo, then Ubisoft and then finishing with Platinum. Now weren't their rumours that Platinum and Ubisoft were working on something for Nintendo? As well as the French dude who first leaked Devils Third also said there were 3 more exclusives coming to WiiU. Ah well, we can only wait and see but either way, Super Mario Maker is a young boys dream come true already...shame i had to wait nearly 30 years though lol

gameboy11251d ago

Massive it looks incredible....

Tetsujin1251d ago

I'd buy the amiibo just for the Mario statue.

Takwin1251d ago

Looks amazing! Will preorder in U.S. as soon as available.

mamotte1251d ago

Let the hunger games... begin!!!