E3 2015: 6 Things You Should Know About Total War: WARHAMMER

BagoGames: During E3 we were lucky enough to see a preliminary demo and interview for the upcoming, hyped up crossover; Total War: WARHAMMER. After seeing the impressive gameplay, we asked a bunch of questions that we think you will want to know the answers to in this handy list.

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Ajoyshop1156d ago

Oh man, this is awesome. Haven't play a War hammer game in years.

Bertie391156d ago

It's really great seeing the Total War games take a fantasy approach for once. I'd love to see them do something like Lord Of The Rings someday.

lockedongamer11156d ago

Lord of the Rings would be cool!

starchild1155d ago

It's a nice direction for the series. It opens up the game for all kinds of new character types and new mechanics.

jokerman271155d ago

Never played one of these...

mafiahajeri1155d ago

They better add skaven and undead, Nagash FTW!

--bienio--1155d ago

I need to say TW:Warhammer is huge exclusive for P, never played any of TW games but this one is Day One.