Tales of Berseria For PS4 and PS3 Gets Screenshots Aplenty; Show Snowy City, Protagonist and More

A couple weeks ago Bandai Namco announced Tales of Berseria for PS4 and PS3, and today the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu had a quite large article including the first batch of screenshots and artwork from the game.

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the_dark_one1252d ago

oh man cant wait for this game, xillia was my first tales game and i absolutely loved it, and the second was day one for me, and now that they announced Zestria for ps4 i can put my ps3 to rest

raWfodog1252d ago

The only two I've played were Vesperia and Xillia, loved them both. Still want (need) to play Xillia 2 before the series gets too far away from me.

the_dark_one1251d ago

oh xillia 2 is great aswell, a bit more dark then the original. and the little girl, Elle, can get a bit annoying sometimes. but in terms of fan service, if you loved the first, its a great addition to the collection. i think the original was the first RPG that i ever, once finished, started it over again, just to play from the other perspective. i only did this with 2 other games Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us

FallenAngel19841252d ago

PlayStation continues to continue the RPG genre on consoles

Chaosdreams1252d ago

This looks beautiful. I'm always ready for another Tales of game. Of course the backlog is beginning to grow. Go a few years without anything and then bam, full steam ahead. Still, no complaints here!

DarkBlood1252d ago

is it me or does that women look like milla lol

SilverClock1251d ago

Safe to say it's the same artist.

DarkBlood1251d ago

Ah I see well that would explain it

remixx1161252d ago

I'm getting that lightning vibe from FFXIII from her...

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