Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a Disappointment, Antagonistic Media Labels Fans 'Entitled'

"Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a game nobody asked for."

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gangsta_red1224d ago

Listen theirs a difference between being entitled and being disappointed.

Fans are disappointed in this case. We all wanted a new Metroid game not an obvious unrelated chibi game with Metroid slapped on for brand recognition.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1224d ago

who is we?

I want another 2.5D Metroid game.

gangsta_red1224d ago

I did too, so yea "we" seems to be appropriate.

themonado1224d ago

You should probably re-read his comment and take note that he never mentioned the game being 3D. He just said "a new Metroid game."

Dan_scruggs1224d ago

Play it. Then if you still hate it. Talk all you want. But if you haven't played and dismiss it because its not what you think it should be then that is entitlement.

Paulino301224d ago

Ur kidding right?..fps with n64 graphics, lack of two analog sticks unless you bought another 3ds, and no samus..WTF. are you on crack?

Dan_scruggs1224d ago

So you have played it then... Thought not. Don't see people complaining abut Minecrafts dated graphics. Try harder not to be so superficial.

Baka-akaB1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Even if it's a new game , and might actually be different , it's based on a concept and style of game we already saw and experienced on handheld for metroid , which wasnt exactly that popular and what most Metroid fans hope for .

Based on the concept , graphics and expectations , of course people can form an opinion within reason .

If you have the right to be "hyped" and love a game at sight , the reverse is to be expected as well

It's dishonest to pretend that taste isnt a factor and coupled with expectations , doesnt help have an opinion beforehand , strong or otherwise .

And your example for minecraft is poor . Minecraft is its own new thing . That it works wonders with that kind of graphic is irrelevant to a franchise with usually other standards and goals.

Would you dare advance that "minecraft did fine with those graphics" defense , if people were presented some IOS 8bits sequel to Crysis or Farcry ? I doubt that

andrewer1224d ago

It's not about being good or bad but completely breaking our expectations. Nintendo's E3 was full of those broken expectations...

davemyrose921224d ago

I am beyond dissapointed in Nintendo, and this joke of a game, it would be like if Sony show ed final fantasy world and that's it that's all were getting

Blastoise1224d ago

People wanted a proper Metroid for years, and you give them a bizare looking 3DS co-op game with a sports mini game that looks like it has a low budget even for the 3DS.

Were they expecting universal praise?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1224d ago

a proper Metroid isnt Prime. It something like Super Metroid.

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