The 7 Most Exciting Indie Games At E3 2015

WGTC writes: As is the case with every E3, major publishers spent most of their airtime trying to impress a broad audience. This meant a lot of trailers and stage time were spent covering the biggest, most recognizable names and sequels in gaming. But what surprised about E3 2015 was the committed effort those same publishers made towards highlighting the smaller games in their lineups.

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MovieStar41274d ago

Unravel looks phenomenal.

TheHip141274d ago

I'm most excited for Cuphead.

michaelpb1274d ago

I've played Beyond Eyes at an event and it's great! Very reminiscent of The Unfinished Swan.

electricrabbit1274d ago

I'm excited about all of these, there's some really fun, unique works that are coming out of indie studios this E3.

PizzaSteve1274d ago

Cuphead and Unravel I want.