E3 2015: Microsoft Press Conference Review

William Kirk at GameCloud Australia writes:

"By the end of the show, I felt warmly satisfied as well as a little disappointed that there wasn’t some sort of megaton announcement to close with. If anything, it was a very safe conference with all the usual big names; further diversified with a selection of unique indie exclusives to expand the lineup. To my surprise, I walked away feeling that Microsoft came across quite genuine with their plans and intentions, and I appreciated that Phil took the time to clarify that Crackdown, Scalebound and Quantum Break were being saved for gamescom. Backwards compatibility is a big deal and there is nothing else quite like the Hololens. The cross-platform ecosystem also looks like it could work really well if it’s handled right. It’s still time to step it up, but, overall, I think Xbox has a good thing going on for 2015. Grade: B+"

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