The E3 ‘Fallout 4’ Reveal Was Glorious, and I'm On Board with the Hype

Vice: I've always been a little cold towards the Fallout franchise. I've dabbled with it in the past, but rarely with much success, and I've never seen one of the games through to its conclusion – not even Fallout 3, which I struggled through for many hours without ever properly clicking emotionally with. So, truthfully, all the bluster in the build-up to developer Bethesda's E3 revealing of Actual Gameplay for its forthcoming fourth entry proper in the series had left only the slightest impression on me – until the conference itself, and my witnessing of Fallout 4 in motion.

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Erik73571280d ago

Amazing demo for sure, smiled at every minute of it.

Haters on n4g I bet didn't like seeing it though lol.......

thorstein1279d ago

I have always been intrigued by this series and I love the fact that you can start your own settlements.

kingeliran1279d ago

great game, its more of the same, which is great, but i really wanted them to add new types of enemies instead of the same deathclaw and such, plus the game should have improved much more on the combat since its is a FPS combat. anyway great game overall looking forward to it.

Phoenix761279d ago

I thought the only 2 games I'd bother treating myself to this xmas were going to be Assassin's and Battlefront...... But once Bethesda came out and said fallout will be out this Nov I just had to put in my pre-order. Pip-Boy version obviously :-D

Perjoss1279d ago

Some of the little details blew me away, like the top of the pip-boy opening like an old top-loading betamax video player so you can insert cartridges for games and audio logs. And then the animation for entering the power armour.

I love the change to VATS too, slow mo is much better than a pause. Character creation looks so flexible too! After gaming for 35+ years its not very often you get super excited for a game, but Bethesda know how to get people hyped.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1279d ago

Agreed love the way this new Fallout is looking I admit I didn't complete 3 got distracted by other games.

But I can see me completing this one. But right now I don't know how I'm going to balance my time between Halo 5 and Fallout 4 lool

It's a good problem to have right?? :D

scark921279d ago

I watched it numerous times! I am excited too! Fallout 4!! I am defo gonna build a base in that game!

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