Opinon: Favourite Games from E3 2015

Mat @ AYMG writes: "This is the second year now that I’ve covered E3 (sadly from the comfort of the UK) and it’s been an interesting experience both years. For me, it’s not just about the games, which this year was a lot better for, but also about the way the gaming community, regardless of which console(s) you choose to support, comes together to celebrate not only a great hobby, but one of the best artforms of the 21st century. However, I’m not going to use this time to be soppy about the gaming community, so here are some of my personal highlights from this years show"

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Majin-vegeta1272d ago

Glad to see Horizon getting all this attention.Its just something that stood out from the rest of the games at E3.

SniperControl1272d ago

While Horizon looks amazing, my fave of E3 was Uncharted 4.

Also very intrigued by Recore and Dreams, both look good.

Relientk771272d ago

Me too, Horizon deserves all the attention it's getting.

AskYourMumGaming1272d ago

I'm glad to see people love Horizon as much I did!

chrisx1272d ago

Horizon is just wow. Expect hollywood to come stealing the concept soon,or try to adapt it

xfiles20991272d ago

Horizon makes me very glad I did not get a Xbone over PS4. Sony so far just has the games I want to play as far as exclusives go Uncharted looks amazing as well. I have a feeling Horizon is going to be the next Big Franchise from Sony. Plus I love how she resembles Ygritte from Game of Thrones I love redheads.

etownone1272d ago

I'd have to agree with Horizon

But... My two favorite franchise Gears and Halo looked amazing. This are my favs.
I really like the new Halo playing as a squad like Republic Commando.
And Gears looked alot better in HD on my big screen as opposed to the dark mess I saw while streaming e3