HBO’s 'Game of Thrones' Needs to Stop Reading for Inspiration, and Start Playing

The TV adaptation has run out of novel support, so its makers would be wise to look to Telltale's games series.

This article does contain some spoilers for Telltale Games' Game of Thrones, but none whatsoever for the TV show so far, so read easy, tardy viewers.

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thorstein1273d ago

What I found really dumb with the TV series is how much content was cut out. The 1st book should have been 2 seasons long. Book 2 should have taken at least 2 seasons and book 3 should have easily been 3 seasons. Books 4&5 simultaneous books that they are could have taken a total of 3-4 seasons.

There is too much left out of the books for me to enjoy it any more. I don't mind them taking liberties and going on their own, I just have a serious problem with leaving out the content that is sitting right in front of them.

Zenith4k1273d ago

Completely agree those who never read the books have really missed out, yes the show has some of the great moments and it's nice to see it on a TV but the books really do need to be read to understand the political dimension and branching stories. I'm a fan of the series but the books were the ones that kept me up all night and going to work with lack of sleep for months