Final Fantasy VII Remake, Wishful Thinking

Sony let the bomb out of the bag this E3 with the reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake. So what is possible now that was not available in the technology from 18 years ago. Let’s take a look.

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UltimateMaster1197d ago

Online battle PvP or Co-op would be cool.

Viperoholic1197d ago

Yes it would. I remember me and my cousin arguing on who's setup was better. I always wished we could fight each other to find out who would win.

Becuzisaid1196d ago

Only in the Gold Saucer. Arena PvP, Chocobo racing, maybe even snow boarding would work well online. Otherwise, no thanks.

DarXyde1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

People often talk about shoehorning certain elements into games. Whether it's a a homosexual character, female character, gameplay elements, etc., people complain about certain themes just because they happen to exist. I don't mind at all, but people think that's shoehorning.

PvP/Co-Op is totally shoehorning. Final Fantasy games, unless released otherwise as MMORPGs a la A Realm Reborn, are meant to be single-player experiences. Imagine trying to coordinate to take down Ruby Weapon. Sure you'd have mics (if you have mics), but it's just not a practical or ideal experience for turn-based RPGs.

Miraak82 1196d ago

Ya but ruby weapon was a solo fight mainly after he kills the other 2 party members, ( team play " you 2 die ... I got this Sh**" ) lol

kalkano1196d ago

Comments like this make me feel like my head is going to explode. I just...can't begin to understand this. If you want this to become another modern "everygame", why not just play another modern "everygame"?

Adrian_v011196d ago

If you want this to stay like the old Final Fantasy VII why not just play the old Final Fantasy VII?

It goes both ways.

kalkano1196d ago

Except, we don't want it to be like the old Final Fantasy 7. We want it to be a Final Fantasy 7 remake. What the other side is asking for is a completely different game, that happens to have the same story as Final Fantasy 7.

Adrian_v011196d ago

Well, they want the same story, same characters, same world, same lore, just with updated parts of the story and gameplay to be modern. That's the point of a remake.

You want the same everything just with updated graphics. That's not a remake, that's a remaster. And one of them is coming out soon for you.

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Jedislayer1196d ago

I just want everyone to stop thinking original FFVII was turn based it's and ATB (Active Time Battle) system. So if they revamped the battle system to more of FF13 standards don't be Suprised because that's how FFVII through ff9 played. FFX was turn based FFX-2 was ATB.

Yetter1196d ago

ATB is still a turnbased system

Kyizen1196d ago

Turn based ATB is fine, it's random battles they will have to change. That wouldn't cut it these days...

kalkano1196d ago

Now THAT I can deal with. I don't care if they're still there. But, if they remove them, great.

rainslacker1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

FFXIII was ATB too. Same with most FF games. What's different is how that ATB system is implemented. ATB is still turned based, it's just not set turns, but based on how fast your speed gauge fills up compared to the other characters/enemies in battle. The only real difference between that and other turn based games is that the turn rotation isn't determined before the battle starts, although they did do that in some games.

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DillyDilly1196d ago

Not changing the story would be nice. Its a remake & not a reboot

VerdicLinwe1196d ago

Nomura has made it crystal clear this is a reboot. Not a remake. "Remake" is a very loose term here and he went on record with Gamespot saying - "If we were just going to make it exactly like the original, we would just port the International Version." He says this in a couple different places. Just google it. He is heavily implying that they see this as a second chance to do Final Fantasy VII the way they probably envisioned it in the first place but were limited by the tools of their time.

Dasteru1196d ago

I have no issues with enhanced mechanics or additions. As long as they do not make any huge changes to the core of the story. I know originally they never intended for Aerith to die. Someone actually found dialog for her that was placed well after the point where she dies. Not sure how i would feel about them going back to their original idea's in that regard. Maybe good, maybe not. Hard to say without actually playing it.

NovusTerminus1196d ago

They are likely going to better tie in Genesis, build up to Advent Children more and such. I don't expect major differences.

Becuzisaid1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Why does the author keep referencing FF Versus? It's FF15 now. Or is he one of those fans that stubbornly refuses to let that go?

Viperoholic1196d ago

Your right..I was stuck in the old saying. Its been fixed.

Becuzisaid1196d ago

FYI still missed one under dialogue

MaximusPrime_1196d ago

No online please. It needs to be a full remake. Exactly the same storyline, same battle etc etc. only difference is the characters' look. If same as shown in teaser trailer, awesome

NoctisPendragon1196d ago

That one is comming this year .

kalkano1196d ago

Port != remake, and is pretty pointless.

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