Nintendo doesn't know about Fatal Frame IV

GoNintendo writes: "During my interview with Denise Kaigler, I did manage to slip in a few 'traditional' questions. One of my inquiries related to Fatal Frame IV for the Wii. I wanted to know why we didn't hear about it at the conference, and why it wasn't on the show floor, or in Nintendo's meeting room. I was a bit surprised to find out that no one during my meeting had even heard of the game. They weren't familiar with the title at all."

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ChickeyCantor3769d ago

Nintendo of Japan knows how come this idiot does not?

La Chance3769d ago

This whole story made me chuckle

mathsman3769d ago

There's no way in hell this'll come out in Europe, I'm surprised you guys thought you'd see it in the states...

nintendojunkie283769d ago

...if onechanbara is comin' to the states...this one definitely will

Mr Fancy Pants3769d ago

if oneechanbara comes to the states anything could come to the states!

oneechanbara it like one of the crappiest game i have ever played in my life, the only thing appealing on it it's the chick in bikini killing zombies cuz as a game = fails.

sinncross3769d ago

this really shud have stayed on a sony console... i really dont see this selling well.

poopsack3769d ago

oh wait

You give him all the bubbles you can, you fanboys have to look out for each other.

nintendojunkie283769d ago

Nope not a fanboy...I own an 360 also and luv well as 5 other systems...I just call it like I see it.Also I find your statement quite funny considering how unbelievably rabid you sony fanboys are...please..get real brotha.

poopsack3769d ago

Sony fanboy wouldnt own a wii would he, this is just one pissed off former nintendo fan you see here. You know whats really funny? How Im a PS3 fan, just because Im pointing out whats true here.

Also, Im not your brotha, friend.

nintendojunkie283769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I just assumed you were due to your attitude ...It's usually a dead givaway.Why do you think I'm a fanboy..because my handle is nintendojunkie...or I as a gamer am actually standing up for nintendo as opposed to bashing you and the rest of you haters...I mean really ..look who's callin' the kettle black.

Also...I'm not your friend ..brotha

Testo3768d ago

"3.3 - Yeah cause PS3 IS the most profitable console right now...
...oh wait. "

Your reply to this comment shows your fanboyism.

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jadura4503769d ago

I'm not suprised.

I haven't heard of the game myself....

mrlokievil3769d ago

I have no problem with the Wii but if nintendo causes me to miss out on Fatal Frame 4 I will be pissed.

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