1UP: Games for Windows Head Kevin Unangst Explains Move to Free Live

While Microsoft may not apologize for its missteps it will gradually work to address them. And by announcing new policies it acknowledges that its prior plans weren't always the best. Global Director of Games for Windows Kevin Unangst's diplomatic language isn't juicy or especially engaging -- candor is not his job -- however, it can point to considerable change on the horizon.

Here Unangst discusses GFW Live's free features, hints at Live Arcade's future on PC, and insists that his company's next operating system and DirectX 11 game programming technology are "not incredibly far off." As for why they ever charged for Live PC he sticks to his guns, saying, "we had an offer and a value proposition when we first started the Games for Windows Live service, that we came upon after talking to publishers and developers, and a lot of learning from Xbox and a lot of studying what else was out there." Whether the move comes too late to salvage Live's reputation in the PC gaming community will be interesting to see.

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Lew_Ijgee3793d ago

'We realized that PC gamers wouldn't pay for something that has always been free in the past.'