Hololens Doesn’t Disappoint: Halo 5: Guardians 'Warzone' Demo | Entertainment Buddha

EB: "After reaching my first objective, which cleared the moment my physical form reached the waypoint targeted in the Hololen’s visor, I was instructed via the built-in speakers to look out a window."

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KionicWarlord222947d ago

This is gonna be amazing when they finally release it. I dont know how much it will cost but that was impressive.

super_bruno947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Ok so its great to do a presentation, but how do this translate to my living room while playing video games? It look promising but I'll wait and see.

christocolus947d ago (Edited 947d ago )


Thanks for the link.

d_g947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

this is the future

amnalehu947d ago

I'd buy an XB1 just for Hololens.

gangsta_red947d ago

Very impressive...but now we need to see this work while playing the actual game.

lemoncake947d ago

Good that microsoft is doing something other than vr as its great to see some different tech. looking forward to seeing more.

starchild947d ago

Yeah, I'm excited for both VR and AR.