Miyazaki: Dark Souls III has been in development for over two years

GodisaGeek: "According to the master himself, Dark Souls III has been in development for over two years, despite his involvement in Bloodborne."

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ShugaCane1190d ago

Great ! It's not a rushed game, then. Not that I doubted From Software, but it still reassuring to know that they are really working hard to make something good and not just another random sequel ! Some developpers should take notes.

Morgue1190d ago

Miyazaki is a beast himself.

Forn1190d ago

I'm so stoked that Miyazaki is back at the helm of Dark Souls. So many incredible games to look forward to next year. It's going to be amazing!

mikeslemonade1190d ago

2 years ain't much. I feel better if they take a fourth year and then they can be the game of the generation.

on_line_forever1189d ago

people must now in this generation the development process is much easier than the last generation

Master-H1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. I mean it's mostly made by the B team (the Dark Souls II team) but apparently Miyazaki joined its development as director after they reached the prototype stage, and all the previews I read say it looks a lot like the first Dark Souls..Hmmm, I guess I am a lil hyped for it.

They'll probably show the behind the scenes demo at Gamescom.

riverstars861190d ago

B team? What does that mean?

Infamous2981190d ago

From Software consists of two teams, A team and B team.

cyber_daemonx1190d ago

With Miyazaki back in charge, DS3 is gonna rock. Really looking forwards to this little beauty.

So many superb games incoming, my wallet is crying already. Looks like this gen is gonna be a classic.

Donnywho1190d ago

Glad to hear over two years. I was happy about Dark Souls 3 but it was scaring me a little bit.

SlightlyRetarted1190d ago

Miyazakis been busy! Maybe Sony Japan had bigger part of making Bloodborne than i thought before.

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