Uncharted 4's Neil Druckmann: "We Are Bringing Closure to Drake's Journey"

GameSpot speaks to Naughty Dog's creative director at E3 2015 to discuss the final chapter in Drake's tale.

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jokerisalive944d ago

Will miss you Drake...its been an amazing series of adventures with you and Sully and Elena. Hope they keep the series going but in a new direction.

Ezz2013944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Something inside me just broke :(

Rainbowcookie944d ago

No , live dammit! You have overcome so much to just roll over and die. Who knows CPR.. :)

jerethdagryphon944d ago

The last scene has him falling out of a cruise ship inside an airplane inside a train on the back of a truck whilecriding a horse

MysticStrummer944d ago

I don't buy all remasters but I'll definitely pick up the Uncharted collection to get ready for UC4.

potatoman944d ago

I think they should give us fan a open world uncharted game to end the journey of drake.

rainzor944d ago

Uncharted 4 can't be open world. Its not gonna work well.

KyRo944d ago

Not every game needs to be open world! When will people and developers understand this! I'd rather a liner game going to new places with epic set pieces, story and feel like I'm progressing rather than drive/walk past things I've seen a million times already whilst going about things in an open world.

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