Bethesda on New Fallout Mobile Game: "This Is Not About Making Money"

Bethesda's just-released Fallout Shelter for iOS is racing up the charts. Released on Sunday, the game is currently the top free app on iTunes, and fourth overall (third for games) in the revenue gross chart. The game is only behind mobile juggernauts Clash of Clans and Game of War in terms of revenue.

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TLG19911280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

its not about making money but we put micro transactions in because we like money.

EDIT - "It just shows that fans are smart; and if you give them something they think is fun, they probably reward the people who made it,"

I really like this comment though, this is very true. im really enjoying the game and would not mind parting with a bit of money to support them for it.

Emilio_Estevez1280d ago

That's exactly how I feel about Mobile/F2P games. I will gladly pay if you don't make me and I like the game. If the game isn't good or they force the micro-transactions on me then I'm out. If I'm enjoying a game then the people that made it deserve my money.

mikeslemonade1280d ago

If it's mobile exclusive I'm not gonna play it. Supporting them only encourages these big developers to make mobile games because the budget is smaller and they can make the quick buck.

I don't want simplistic games. We already lost sega, konami, and much of square enix to mainly mobile games now.

Antifan1280d ago

The items in micro transactions can easily be earned in-game through achievements. Exploration is another way as well. probably one of the best fps mobile games out there that doesn't force you to buy things.

thejigisup1280d ago

Super agree here, the microtransactions are not required to play longer or get items you couldn't earn by just playing the game. It's for people that want extra content without putting in game time.

DivoJones1280d ago

I've been playing it for the last day or so.. you can buy the lunchbox packs, but you also get them pretty regularly by just playing. So it's not really pay-to-win, but more like the usual pay-to-get-stuff-faster ideology. It's been pretty fun so far. I'd say to try it before you judge it, there's been no real push to pay for anything.

3-4-51280d ago

* It's kind of like enjoying a band or artist.

If you REALLY like them, you might support them even more in buying a shirt or something.

You aren't required to.

* The other way would be like if you went to a concert and buying that bands T-shirt was mandatory to get it.

THAT ^ is what some ios games have become.

This doesn't seem to be that.

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Tzuno1280d ago

yeah? then why do you make games? for fun?

curtis921280d ago

yeah, actually. hard to believe in this day and age. props to bethesda (the publisher) for allowing these guys to do what they do and not stepping in.

Perjoss1280d ago

I think something similar used to happen at id software years ago, where team members were allowed to branch off and develop on smaller projects kind of as a break from the main projects. Believe it or not some people do love their jobs.

Sketchy_Galore1280d ago

This is such a sad sign of the times. Along with the comments you always see on stories about real scumbag nickle and diming of consumers like, 'well duh, they're a business, they exist to make money'.

As ridiculous as it may sound in this day and age people used to (and sometimes still do) get into creative fields to create. There are people out there who's primary goal is to create interesting things and see them be appreciated by the public. Of course a concern exists for making enough money to live well and turning enough profit to be able to create bigger and better things in the future but honestly, it's not just all about increasing numbers on a spreadsheet to everyone.

Ethereal1280d ago

As long as you can play without having to make purchases, its fine by me. Plus, the game is really awesome.

Nightmar3Demom1280d ago

It's ALWAYS about making money

Fantasticzig1280d ago

I've never been one of those people who spend money on microtransactions. Until now. I've sunk $40 into this little game and I absolutely love it. Gotta be careful. NO MORE SPENDING.

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