From The Garage To The Streets In Need For Speed | GI Preview


Need for Speed developer Ghost Games has talked about getting back to the essence of what the series is about. That's interesting talk coming from the company who has made past installments of the series, so what does that actually mean?

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081189d ago

I was skeptical about the games graphics when i seen the teaser trailer, but after the gameplay footage, i could not believe it! they wasn't joking about it being in-game graphics, so amazing in fact that it's on par with driveclub, both great looking games. Even though i still dislike the fact the game has to stay online to play SP mode, but i'm just gonna have to deal with it because i'm interested to see more of this.

BoriboyShoGUN1189d ago

What in game footage! I've yet to a see video with actual driving views, all I've seen are police chases from side angles. No way to judge as of yet, I'm hoping this brings the old NFS back just as much as anyone but take it easy.

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WizzroSupreme1189d ago

I'd dig Need for Speed this year if only it didn't have to be always online. Grr.

Inzo1188d ago

Always online, sorry, no buy.