Hands On With Microsoft's New Elite Controller


"Microsoft announced yesterday that it was releasing a new controller for the Xbox One and PC this October, and we were able to get our hands on the device, which is aimed squarely at pro-level players."

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Septic948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

A controller for the pros no doubt but I will get one (not because I'm a pro) but because it looks really good. All those swappable components and custom additions like paddles to switch gears etc.

But the price is a hefty pill to swallow.

CallOfDutyFan948d ago

Agreed. The price is the only thing that's making me wait for the inevitable price drop. Otherwise it looks amazing from what i have seen so far.

4Sh0w948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

"aimed squarely at pro-level players"

-Yeah, like I said yesterday its too expensive for the average customer but that's not its intended audience. The standard controller is awesome enough and will do fine for most, of course I'm no pro either but I know I just have to have luxury pad like this one.

Heres a better up close and personal look at it, with specs:

n4rc948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

im getting one absolutely..

but... hoping i can wait for a price drop before impulse wins over.. lol

sensitivity curves, hair trigger physicals locks, built in FPSFreaks sticks... its impressive..

Why o why948d ago

Too bad, impulse ALWAYS wins

starrman1985948d ago

The price is indeed a hefty pill to swallow, too hefty for me.

Even for a competitive level controller the price is still incredibly steep!

Zeref948d ago

No its not. Scuff controllers go for $200 and with half as many features as this.

EvilWay948d ago

Well it's a good price seeing that a Scuf controller with the same specs will be around $185

RobLoPR948d ago

But for that price Im thinking... Does it come in the case I seen with all the swapable parts?

n4rc948d ago (Edited 948d ago )


case.. 3 sets of sticks, 2 dpads etc..

its not just for pros imo.. think about how much you use your controller, some things in life are worth spending money on the best..

your bed, your TV etc.. things you use every single day for hours a day deserves some extra money spent.. i can justify $150 ($179 in my case) on my controller, but i dont really want to if i dont have to lol... i wait until xmas to sniff out a sale but after that? its getting ordered regardless

UnHoly_One948d ago

I'm a pro only in regards to the amount of time I use my controllers, because I play a lot. I'm certainly no pro in my skill level, and honestly don't really even play all that many competitive games.

That said, just strictly based on durability, I'll likely buy one of these. I've had numerous 360 pads and even a couple XB1 pads start to have issues with the thumb sticks.... Catching around the edges, or a slight bit of tracking in one direction sometimes when it should be in a neutral position.

So if this thing is more durable and not prone to issues like that, I'll likely get one just because I'll be confident it will last longer.

joab777948d ago

Who does this cater too? Most of my friends who play alot or the one who plays for money, all have their own controllers already. Maybe this is better than those companies that build them for you. I dunno.

Ghoul948d ago

you dont have to be a pro to use pro equipment :)
just overkill :D

christocolus948d ago


"Hefty pill to swallow"

Totally agree but the controller is steadily climbing up amazon best seller charts

Christopher948d ago

Without the option to move the thumbsticks, not interested. That's my only issue with it. Love the heck out of the default thumbsticks and use them on my PS4 controllers, though. I don't know why you'd ever want to change those beautiful things.

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Dread948d ago

This not for everyone, but if you have the cash and you love to game, its a no brainer. It just looks so so sweet.

Very impressive imho

Dlacy13g948d ago

its slick but for $150 I am not hardcore like that. Maybe some kind of black friday deal down the line.

JJShredder948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

$99 sounds like a better price point but as long as it is a premium product, I can deal with it.

I doubt it will but hopefully it comes with a "premium" warranty.....

Toiletsteak948d ago

$99 would sound like a better price because it is cheaper.

JJShredder948d ago

Hope you didn't hurt any brain cells coming up with that conclusion, Captain Obvious!

SaveFerris948d ago

Looks like the king of controllers.

thrust948d ago

They made the king even better.

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