Media Create sales (6/8 - 6/14)

Media Create published the latest Japanese hardware/software sales.

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Geobros1273d ago

Wii U continues to have better sales than PS4 in Japan. It looks that Splatoon boosted it for more than 1 week.

Moonman1273d ago

Yeah, Super Mario Maker will boost it even more!

Magicite1273d ago

Xbox One – 100 , thats a perfect number :D

Leaguer1273d ago Show
BinaryMind1273d ago

I bet Xbox One would be selling better in Japan if they had instead named it Xbox Onee-chan.

NoctisPendragon1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

MS Japan should hire you omg !

gokuking1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Got to love how Sony has completely buried their best selling platform in Japan.

Gran Turismo Vita? LOL
Gravity Rush 2? PS4 exclusive
Soul Sacrifice 2? Cancelled
Freedom Wars 2? Cancelled
Wild ARMS? If revived, probably PS4 exclusive
Patapon? Dead
LocoRoco? Dead
Hot Shots? PS4 exclusive
Parappa? If revived, probably PS4 exclusive
Ape Escape? If revived, probably PS4 exclusive
From Software Dark Fantasy Game? LOL

They're not even pushing for content from Japanese third parties either.

ABizzel11273d ago

Because it's pointless to push the Vita hard in JP, when it's on life support everywhere else. JP isn't a big enough market to put that much emphasis in anymore. The best selling PS device in JP was the PS2 and even then that's 23m. The PSP came in second with a strong 20m both are undoubtedly great numbers, and 20m million would really help the Vita, but the PSP also sold well in NA, EU, and RoW. The Vita hasn't broken 5m sells in any of those regions, and it's almost wrapping up it's 4th year on the market.

So the choice becomes push those games on Vita spending millions to make them (since Sony said AAA Vita games were approaching the team size and budget of a modest PS3 game) for a chance at selling 15m - 20m Vitas in JP, and hopefully reaching 5m sales across the board in NA, EU, and RoW for a grand total of 30m - 35m sales by holiday 2017 (the end of it's life cycle).


Put all that effort and those devs, that money, and time into the PS4 which is already breaking records across the globe, on a device that's already making money on each hardware sold, they has some of the greatest software sells every seen in gaming, and that's leading the entire global market right now. Thus giving it a JP selling point and hopefully revitalizing the JP console market, and if not still having JP software on a console with a sales already around 25m and potentially 35m by the end of 2015, and potentially 100m by the end of it's lifecycle.

The PS4 is the better and wise investment, and making a PS branded tablet for next gen is the wiser choice than a dedicated handheld.

Mobile has killed off handheld gaming, and the 3DS is selling mainly due to being cheap $99 or less for 2DS, owning the JP market, having proven mobiles IP's like Pokemon (PSP never had anything on that level), it's the alternative device for kids who are too young for a smartphone or tablet of their own, and the handheld is Nintendo fans go to platform of choice unlike their console. But even with all of that the 3DS is selling well, but it's also selling well below the DS which was almost at 100m sold in the same time as the 3DS which is just reaching over 50m sold and on it's way to selling worse than the GBA and being the worse selling Nintendo Handheld to date (but selling 60m - 75m is hardly a failure IMO).

Knushwood Butt1273d ago

Credit where due: Splatoon is hanging in there.

On another note, #15: Ass?!

gokuking1273d ago

Typo for Assassination Classroom.

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