Gears of War Ultimate Edition Vs Gears Of War Graphics Comparison

A couple of videos which show off the differences between Gears of War Ultimate Edition Vs Gears Of War on Xbox 360.

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Blaze929948d ago

Big differences - my god lol

KionicWarlord222948d ago

Yeah They did a good job on this. Improved a lot.

4Sh0w948d ago

I don't know I like the improvements but wish they kept it darker.

wakeNbake948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Looks great but for me personally the biggest difference is the 60 fps, really feels different now.

d_g948d ago

yeah frame rate make a big difference

specially it’s last gen game

4Sh0w948d ago

Yep, 60fps is the biggest difference by far, also noticed that with Halo, 60fps makes the mechanics feel much sharper.

kraenk12948d ago

Never finished this...still looking forward to replay it on my PC. Curious if Gears 4 will come to PC as well. Looks likely as of now.

Mikefizzled948d ago

I think Microsoft regards this a mid tier exclusive. Gears 4 and Halo 5 as top tier. A lot of mid tier exclusives will come to PC.

maybelovehate948d ago

I have a feeling all First Party games will go to PC once Windows 10 comes out. It just makes the most sense for Microsoft. They want Windows 10 to be the ultimate gaming OS. And I don't think it is a bad move at all. Xbox One will still make the most sense for all gamers that do not have a gaming PC and we will all be able to play together regardless of which system we choose.

4Sh0w948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

nah, Microsoft seems to keep screaming about Windows 10 with X1 streaming. Other than Fable Legends with cross play and some smaller indie games I haven't heard anything about their biggest exclusives like Halo, Gears, Forza etc being made for pc. Oh and PC just had its day at E3 with lots of announcements but still I haven't heard different.

Personally I don't know what micro will do in the future, but imo I think it would be smart not to put their big games on PC because if you like pc there's plenty of great games, if you like X1 exclusives I think they should make you buy an X1 like any other platform owner, Nobody ever says Sony should make all their exclusives available on PC too and there is absolutely nothing stopping them from doing so, however since Microsoft is connected to pc mainly because its a OS software giant people mistakenly believe they MUST support pc gaming.

That said as a gamer who likes everybody to play I think it would be cool & good business if they make some of their big games like Halo available ONLY after a year or 2 on pc, when sales for the platform they actually OWN dry up.

Blaze929948d ago

Doubt it. Gears 2, 3, and Judgement still haven't touched the PC.

Aither948d ago

At the PCgamer show last night they announced the remake will be coming to the PC and they made it sound as if Gears 4 will also be coming to the PC in the near future.

Fishy Fingers948d ago

Well, when asked about Gears 4 they said 'nothing to announce yet'. Yet, being the key word. Maybe we'll see a PC version after the XB1.

Personally I'd love to see it on PC, it's my favourite XB franchise and I've yet to get an XB1.

cartoonx1948d ago

seems like they releasing remaster on pc so pc players also get interest in gears 4 and most likely willing to buy xbox for it, imo its a great bussiness decision.

cartoonx1948d ago

seems like they releasing remaster on pc so pc players also get interest in gears 4 and most likely willing to buy xbox for it, imo its a great business decision.

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asmith2306948d ago

Buying an X1 just for this. Can't wait.

Aither948d ago

It has been announced for the PC if you already own a gaming PC. If not than Xbone is much cheaper of course.

etownone948d ago

Had a blast playing the beta yesterday.

Super smooth and graphics are so shard and crisp.

AND .... I still got it. I love pissing people off when I tag Em with a sticky grenade. Lo,

UKmilitia948d ago

graphics dont matter though,its all about the gameplay.

Eldyraen948d ago

I hate taggers and chainsaws just as much as I ever did. I've never been a fan of melee in a shooter though even if it has always been a staple.

Personal quirk of mine.

buttclown948d ago

I forgot how overpowered the melee stun was in this game until the first time it happened yesterday.

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