Sony's Top 5 Announcements

IM PLAYIN discuss their top 5 announcements from Sony's E3 show.

"As we once again get our breath back from the Sony conference at E3 2015, we are given the opportunity to lay it all out on the table and pick our top 5 announcements. Amazingly, games such as The Last Guardian, Dreams and even Uncharted 4 didn’t make it onto our list, showing how strong a conference Sony gave us. So here is our countdown to the top 5 announcements of Sony’s 2015 E3 conference."

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Unreal011279d ago

The new partnership with Activision for Call Of Duty is a massive win for Sony. Congratulations.

Natversion11279d ago

I disagree I think Call of Duty is becoming less and less relevant as each release rolls round. Money better spent elsewhere imo like actually fronting bill for Shenmue or a new IP.

medman1279d ago

I tend to think similarly about COD, but even though it's selling a bit less than at it's height, it's still reliable to be a top 3 selling title every year. Those kind of numbers are hard to argue with.

yarbie10001279d ago

Sales for CoD have been shrinking with each new installment for the past few yrs

MasterCornholio1279d ago

It still sells millions though.

UltimateMaster1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Uncharted 4 Game Play
Shenmue 3
Call of Duty Early Beta

Relientk771279d ago

Shenmue 3
Final Fantasy 7 remake
The Last Guardian

Letthewookiewin1279d ago

I'm still reeling from the Sony conference. 2016 is going to be another great year. I'm glad they don't have any major exclusive's this holiday because all my time is going to be with Fallout 4 and a little Battlefront here and there. And probably still going to be working on Witcher 3 and The Nathan Drake collection. I may pick up Tomb Raider.

KakashiHotake1279d ago

I'm wondering how long is the exclusive deal of Tomb Raider with Microsoft for anyway? That game looked amazing and I really enjoyed the 1st one.

Letthewookiewin1279d ago

I'm going to guess its till April 2016. In fact I have a pretty good feeling it is also that would put it at around 6 months.

DeletedAcc1279d ago

persona comes end of the year

wheatley1279d ago

No Man's Sky presentation was like last year's, I still have no idea why I'm heading around space and checking out different planets, other than to test out their procedural mapping system. I would love to know more!

MysticStrummer1278d ago

"I still have no idea why I'm heading around space and checking out different planets"

It's all in the name of upgrading your ship enough to make it to the center of the universe. You get credits for discovering planets and creatures, and you can also take on various jobs to earn credits. We don't know why you're trying to get there but we do know there is some kind of negative force or enemy that opposes you.

wheatley1275d ago

Thank you! I guess I just haven't been following this game as closely I should.

BlakHavoc1278d ago

Hmm, announcements? In that case I'd have to put it in order like this...

1. FF7 remake
2. Shenmue 3
3. Last Guardian re-reveal
4. Horizon
5. Partnership with Activision (while COD sucks, this was huge).

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