Save £50 on Xbox One Elite Controller with £99.97 deal

Dealspwn: Don't worry, we still fully understand that's a mental price for a controller. But, seeing as the RRP is £149.99, this represents a tremendous saving. The previous £50 listing was never honored as it was a misprice, so it's unlikely the retailer would make the same mistake twice.

We'd generally advise waiting until a range of hands-on reports appear before throwing down such a large amount of money on a controller. That said, this might be the best price we see if everyone else is charging £150. How about it readers, are mappable buttons and underside shoulder button paddles enough to justify giving this a shot?

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bggriffiths1252d ago

That's still a bit mental, but better. Hard to commit to this without actually trying it. Hopefully the underside paddles aren't overly sensitive as you don't want to be firing all the time by mistake, I can see how they'd be quicker than shoulder buttons though.

Also, I think this could be a great controller for people with limited hand movements or other impairments thanks to the paddles and remappable sticks and buttons. Always good to see folks with disabilities being considered. The Special Effect charity do great work in that area too.