E3 2015: The Good, The Bad and The "What the Hell Happened?"

Sony, Microsoft and Bethesda scored at E3. The others? Not so much.

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Poroz1251d ago

This guy is totally biased to Sony. If I did not have such a awesome PC I would actually consider buying an xbox one (I very much dislike MS). Still not sold on a ps4.

Sorry exclusives only make me want them less. Bottom line is games are for gamers. When a company holds a game for them self there only showing how selfish they are (just my opinion don't freak out).

Owning a Pc, Ps4, and a Xbox One just to play every thing is just stupid. Games are for gamers. I am a fan boy of games. Not gaming companies. Xbox and Sony are the same to me. Both companies fighting (competing) for our money.

Kal-V31251d ago

Without exclusives, why would you need 2 or 3 consoles on the market. It is absolutely pointless if both consoles have the exact same games.

Are you new to this? Were you around in the genesis\SNES era or the PS1\Saturn era where a majority of games were exclusives? It wasnt really until last gen that there was a really big push for cross-platform. Not trying to insult, just asking.

medman1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Why bother with the likes of poroz...some people are born confused, and are destined to suffer lives of confusion. As a wise man once said, "People born round, they don't die square."

Perjoss1251d ago

"why would you need 2 or 3 consoles on the market"

An excellent question.

Anyone who takes gaming seriously will own consoles from all 3 companies and maybe even a nice gaming PC too. There are valid reasons for owning a PC as well as a console but the only reason people own multiple consoles is because of the exclusives. I know I'm not alone in thinking I'd rather just have 1 platform to play games on rather than going through the ordeal of deciding which platform to buy on and having 3 pieces or hardware rather than just 1.

I think in an ideal world MS and Nintendo keep making games but they release them on a Sony machine. I'm far from being a Sony fan boy, in fact I'm much more of a PC gamer at heart but I think as far as consoles go Sony makes the best hardware.

just my opinion.

UltraNova1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

"why would you need 2 or 3 consoles on the market"

Well If we only had one console then they would totally rip us off and introduce any anti-consumer policy they wished without any notice or backlash. They would charge whatever the hell the want. No used games, 100 dollar new games and 1000 dollar consoles and 200 dollars a year for playing online and no free games (free? What?) would not be so controversial or unheard of to say the least.

It would be like playing basketball in a maximum security prison courtyard, full of rules, time tables and shady people trying to squeeze every-bit out of you till you drop dead. Maybe I'm overreacting here, maybe I'm not.

In layman's words, Monopoly is our worst enemy, and competition is our ally, its as simple that.

mushroomwig1251d ago

'Xbox and Sony are the same to me. Both companies fighting (competing) for our money.'

Newsflash, every company is like that. That's the point of business.

Poroz1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Really yeah coke and Pepsi are fighting over flavours. That's right people are fighting and cursing and disrespecting each other online. No not the same. The gaming industry is different.

Not everyone sees them as the same. Fan boys for example. They think there company is better then the other when they are the same. ( that's what I ment by that statement.)

MysticStrummer1251d ago

Horrible analogy, Poroz. Really horrible.

MS and Sony clearly have two different ways they go about their business, and PS4's dominance this generation is at least partly a result of that.

Blaze9291251d ago

Nintendo: "What the hell happened?"

Letthewookiewin1251d ago

@Por- Not biased towards Sony just logical.

Nodoze1251d ago

wait WHAT? I am not following your twisted logic here at all. Exclusives make you want something you own (or may want to purchase) less?

So I guess HBO should just make Game of Thrones free for everyone (even non subscribers)? Cause shows are for show watchers!?

Also NEWS FLASH - ALL companies are competing for your money.

I guess AMD should give away there int property so that all gamers can benefit? Same with Nvidia? Intel? etc etc

johndoe112111251d ago

I'm sorry but your comment reeks of a complete lack of understanding and knowledge of how the industry and business on the whole for that matter, works. From reading your below comments it's obvious there is no reasoning with you so I'm not gonna even try.

CEOSteveBallmer1251d ago

Are you High?? Or are you just an Attention Whore?? Gaming industry is different?? pffft!. So what you want is that there should only be "1 gaming machine"?? Well go tell MS, Sony and Nintendo about that. This is business. If there really is 1 console for all games then im good for that. But this is reality and im guessing your stuck in your bronies wonderland. gosukyomomma is right. STFU and play your PC games. people these days are just mental and needs proper education.

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Poroz1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Thanks for being respectful. I see your point. I like that they are going in different directions now. The point behind exclusives is to sell more systems.

Games are for gamers. Of course competition is good.but why compete with exclusives why not in hardware like there doing now.

I been gaming since mario. I own 180 games in my steam library alone. Not counting orgin and uplay and gog.

Example# Xbox one fan really wants to try the enchanted series. To spend 500$ just to play one game. Is silly. BTW this xbox one fan has 15 kids and can only get one system. So this xbox one gets shafted for choosing xbox. (I am a Pc but appericiate them all).

I like Ms and Sony (more). But to have to choose one over the other because of a game is a decision. I feel forced to make.

The need for more then 1 system is because some people hate ms and some people hate Sony. It's like walmart/zellers /searsthey sell the same shit. Best buy/future shop/tiger direct. They sell all the same shit.

gosukyomomma1251d ago

Sorry but your whole analogy is just wrong your idea of having a universal machine to play all games is good but the idea that companies should stop making specific games for their console is just flat out stupid. Maybe if u didnt spend so much on games for just one system you would be able to buy just the exclusives for each system and then multiplats dont matter, thats what i do and im far from rich, but i still can afford to buy both conoles and the games that interest me on both, maybe its the cost of upgrading your pc everytime a new game comes out that demands more which is makimg you unable to play all these great exclusive games only consoles get.

And by the way people do argue over pepsi and coke, they argue over sport team rivalries, people argue over clothing and sports wear, what brand tv is better the list goes on so dont single out gamers and the gaming industry yes we are a very vocal, passionate and whiney bunch at times but dont just single out the gaming industry as the only place rivalry arguements happen its been this way since nes and genesis days!

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wheatley1251d ago

I can't wait for Hitman :) Square Enix had a good show too